For Frequency Sake Gambling Week 15 Best Bets: Bills Big Week

Week 15 Best Bets: Bills Big Week

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Well, folks, we are limping to the finish line. We are embarking on a very unpredictable week in the NFL. Numerous players and coaches have been ruled out due to Covid and injuries are really starting to pile up. Writing this article early is always very scary, but now with the added unknown of who will test positive, or not be active for this week’s game, definitely adds a new wrinkle. 

Last week was an ugly week for us. Just a 1-3 record in Week 14, and two of them were not particularly close. Here’s hoping we can search through all the noise going on in the NFL and find some winners! 

Week 14 Recap

Detroit Lions (+7.5, -110) at Denver Broncos. Denver wins 38-10

This was simply put, a bad pick. I ate the garbage of the Lions beating the Vikings and fully bought in. That was a mistake. Without D’Andre Swift already, Jamal Williams was ruled out with Covid, and the Lions started…Craig Reynolds (insert Snoop Dog “WHOOOO?” gif here). Bad Team, Bad Pick. 

Los Angeles Chargers (-10.5, -110) vs the New York Giants. Chargers win 37-21

The only saving grace from Week 14 is that the Charger held on to cover. The Chargers, again, had to overcome some injuries and Covid, but in the end they did what they were supposed to do, beat the New York Giants handily. 

Buffalo Bills (+3.5, -120) at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tampa Bay wins 33-27

This game had my stomach in knots. The Bills came out early and looked horrific. But, after halftime, the Bills decided to start playing and made a game out of it. Taking it to overtime, and even winning the toss. I thought we were golden! Nope, Tom Brady decides he wants to score a touchdown, and not kick a game-winning field goal, just to spite us…

Lock of the Week 

Carolina Panthers (-2.5, -110) vs the Atlanta Falcons. Falcons win 29-21

I’m done with the Panthers. They stink. Moving on. 

Weekly Record: 1-3-0

Overall Record: 27-29-0

Lock of the week: 6-8-0

Week 15 Card

Cleveland Browns (+1.5, -115) vs the Las Vegas Raiders (Saturday)

Baker Mayfield has been injured pretty much the past two months and has struggled to run the Browns offense. I think people are undervaluing Case Keenum and the Browns rushing offense. I still believe the Browns can win this game with or without Baker and Coach Kevin Stefanski. 

Philadelphia Eagles (-7, -110) vs the Washington Football Team

The Eagles are coming off of a bye, Jalen Hurts should be back and the WFT used a lot of energy and emotion last week vs the Dallas Cowboys. The Eagles should come out ready to play and be able to beat the WFT with ease. 

Indianapolis Colts (-2.5, -110) vs the New England Patriots

Ok, hear me out. The Patriots are red hot and they look like they are a potential No. 1 seed in the AFC, while the Colts are still vying for an AFC playoff spot, why are the Colts favored? Seems like a fishy line. And I love fishy lines. Give me the Colts and the points. 

Lock of the Week

Buffalo Bills (-11, -110) vs the Carolina Panthers

As I stated above, the Panthers are done. They can’t decide if they want to play Cam Newton or PJ Walker. They don’t have an offensive coordinator. The Bills need a huge win to build some confidence moving towards the playoffs. The Bills get it done.

Best of luck! 


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