For Frequency Sake Fantasy Football The Most Important Week To Stream!

The Most Important Week To Stream!

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It’s like Thanos snapped his fingers and half the league just disappeared from Week 16. In the end just like the Avengers, the good guys always win, and that’s how it is with fantasy football. The good guys are the ones who patiently anticipate the moves they need to make to stay in the hunt. This week those that watch the waiver wire and grab the valuable back-ups and streamers will have the best chance to win the championship. That’s why I’m here and you’re reading. Let’s look at some underrated performers who beat Covid and can help you beat your opponent.

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Tyler Huntley, Ravens at Bengals: If Lamar misses another game, Huntley has to be on your roster. Even if you don’t own Lamar, you can’t let your opponent have him.

Davis Mills, Houston vs. LA Chargers: Desperate times call for desperate measures. The Chargers’ defense isn’t that good. If the Texans fall behind, Mills is good enough to put up some nice garbage time numbers.

Jared Goff, Lions at Falcons: Goff’s status is up in the air right now. IF he doesn’t have Covid and is eligible to play vs. the Falcons he might be one of this week’s best plays. If Goff isn’t available, pivot to Gardner Minshew.


Younghoe Koo, Falcons vs. Lions: He is accurate A.F. and the Lions are a team that the Falcons can move the ball against.

Jake Elliott, Eagles vs. Giants: This may be an outdoor game in the northeast in December, but the Giants are mailing it in. Their season is done and guys will be playing not to get hurt. I’m predicting that the Eagles are going to roll to victory no matter who plays QB for them this week and that will give Elliot opportunities to score.

Riley Patterson, Lions at Falcons: Yes, I’m recommending both kickers from the Lions-Falcons game. If you hadn’t noticed, these two teams aren’t good at football. Fortunately, the soccer players on both teams are good at what they do.

Defenses: The easy answer in this section is to pick whichever defense is missing the fewest players this week.

Jaguars at Jets: The Jags are going to be playing happily now that Urban Meyer is gone. The Jags’ defense is respectable and the Jets’ offense is terrible.

Seahawks vs. Bears: The ‘hawks are home and the Bears are going to take the training wheels off Justin Fields, which will result in some good and bad play. He’s a talented athlete but ball security is not his strength.

Cowboys vs. WFT: The Cowboys are driving towards the playoffs and won’t have a letdown at home against a WTF team that might start Garrett Gilbert who is the son of the only man to be on the roster of a Super Bowl team for five consecutive years. His dad Gale Gilbert was a third-stringer on the Buffalo Bills went to four straight Super Bowls and the following season he signed on with the Chargers who went to the Super Bowl that year. And you thought Tom Brady was the G.O.A.T.?

Those are my streaming/waiver wire recommendations for Week 16. If you’re still in it now, good luck!

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