For Frequency Sake Fantasy Football Week 12 Streamers! It’s Just a Flesh Wound

Week 12 Streamers! It’s Just a Flesh Wound

Week 12 Streamers! It’s Just a Flesh Wound post thumbnail image

The carnage over the weekend may be the worst we’ve ever seen in one day. Between the bye week teams and the injuries, your ability to grab streamers to fill in for your injured starters is key. My three QB picks for last week’s games, Tua, Cam, and Jimmy G. all came through. Let’s see who might be able to help your misbegotten squad this week!

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Tyrod Taylor, Texans vs. Jets: Tyrod Taylor has bounced around the league a bit, but that’s because somebody always wants him. Maybe it’s because he can play quarterback in the NFL. Remember, he was a starter in Buffalo before that Josh Allen kid came along. Then he was going to start for San Diego until a clumsy team doctor screwed him out of his first start and Justin Herbert stole his job. This week there’s no rookie hotshot to steal his job and he earned the Texans second win of the season. This week he gets a Jets pass defense that may be the worst ever. They’re giving up 2.5 passing TDs and nearly 300 yards through the air over the past four weeks. The Jets defense only has three picks on the season.

Trevor Lawrence, Falcons at Jaguars: Sunshine Bass aka Trevor Lawrence has had a brutal schedule. It seems like he’s faced a Top 10 passing defense every week. This week that is not the case. The Atlanta Falcons have given up the fourth-most passing TDs this season. I don’t think Trevor Lawrence will have a four-TD day, but can he put up two TDs and 250 passing. Is that enough to get you by when your starter is on a bye? Absolutely!

Danny Dimes, Eagles at Giants: The Eagles pass defense has been as soft as memory foam lately so don’t sleep on Daniel Jones this week. Against bad defenses he can get it done through the air and on the ground. The Eagles will be full of themselves after the big New Orleans win and primed for a let down on the road in division. Or, maybe this game with two mobile QBs and two bad defenses ends up in a shoot-out. I see a lot of points being put up as long as it’s not snowing or raining.

Built like an O-lineman without toes on his right foot, he was still better than 90% of the kickers today.


Aldrick Rosas, Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears: Somebody’s got to score for the Lions, right? Especially against the Bears, right? He’s at home and playing indoors, which is key this time of year.

Zane Holden Fortunato Gonzales, Panthers @ Dolphins: He has four names! For that alone he deserves to be on your squad. He’s also been pretty kick ass at kicking the football this year. He’s 19-for-21 on field goal attempts. With Cam and his inaccurate passing stalling drives short of the end zone, Zane should be set up to put some points on the board. When Zane Holden Fortunato knocks, open the door… to having him on your team.

Jake Elliott, Eagles @ Giants: With the Eagles flying under the radar this year, many people haven’t noticed that their best fantasy player isn’t Jalen Hurts, it’s Jake Elliott. He’s fourth overall in kicker scoring and hasn’t missed an extra point all year. Against the Giants there’s going to be some point on the board.

Who is that little kid in the middle?


Miami Dolphins vs. Carolina Panthers: The Dolphins are playing at home and have been on a roll the last few weeks. In this one they should be playing with a lead, allowing their defense to tee off on Cam Newton, who is still learning the offense.

Houston Texans vs. NY Jets: The Texans are playing at home against a team that is arguably worse than they are. The Jets will either have Zach Wilson coming back from a knee injury or the immobile Joe Flacco. I’ve seen glaciers that move faster than the 47-year-old Flacco. The Texans defense has the fourth-most interceptions in the league and have 21 sacks. I’m picking the Texans to win this game and for their defense to have pretty good day.

Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions: The Bears may be one of the worst teams in the league this year, but it’s not the defenses fault. They’re first in the league with 31 sacks. Whoever is playing QB for Detroit is going to have a miserable day.

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