For Frequency Sake Gambling Week 5 Best Bets: Saints March on Washington

Week 5 Best Bets: Saints March on Washington

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Can you believe that we are already in Week 5 of the NFL Season? We are deep into pumpkin spice and apple orchard season and before you know it, you’ll blink and we will be carving turkeys and eating pumpkin pie. 

But, before we break out the Butterball, let’s focus on the here and now. After a 2-2 week last week, we still are climbing back up towards a .500 record. The NFL season is just ramping up, and I believe our luck will soon turn around. 

Week 2 Results

Chicago Bears (-3) vs the Detroit Lions, Bears win 24 – 14

Bears fans rejoice! Matt Nagy has finally come to his senses and decided to let Justin Fields take the reins. The Bears hold onto their kneecaps, and survive the pesky Lions. 

Indianapolis Colts (+2) over the Miami Dolphins, Colts win 27-17

As much as I did not like taking Carson Wentz, I knew it was the right choice. Jacoby Brissett is just not a starting QB in the NFL. Dolphins need Tua, or maybe DeShaun, ASAP! 

Denver Broncos (-1) vs the Baltimore Ravens, Ravens win 23-7

Hand up, this was a bad pick. Sometimes you have to pick the number and not the team. It was odd that the Broncos were favored, everyone thought so. Therefore, sometimes, you have to go with that pick. Teddy Bridgewater going down did not help. Who wouldn’t want to see Harbaugh vs Fangio in the playoffs? I know I would! 

Lock of the Week 

Los Angeles Rams (-4) vs the Arizona Cardinals, Cardinals win 37-20

Fade. Fade. Fade. You should fade my lock of the week from here on out until I win three in a row. I’m sorry guys. Have to get better. Cardinals look like the real deal in this game. NFC West is scary good…

Overall Record: 7-9-0

Lock of the Week: 0-4-0

Week 5 Card

I know I was already making the jump to Thanksgiving Weekend in my intro, but this week is jammed packed with great games still. 

A Thursday Night Football matchup against two of those NFC West division Foes. 

The surprisingly dominant Chargers face the hurt(?) Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns. 

New York Giants vs the Dallas Cowboys. No Matter the records, this game is always good! 

And we get Josh Allen versus the 2-2 Kansas City Chiefs? Neither team is looking to lose this matchup! 

Now, let’s get to the picks. (All lines are currently on the DraftKings Sportsbook as of 11:30 pm on Wednesday)

Minnesota Vikings (-8.5) over the Detroit Lions

Minnesota might be having the unluckiest season in NFL history. If not for a late fumble in Week 1, they win. If not for a missed field goal in Week 2, they win. They easily could be 4-0, or at least 3-1, but here they sit at 1-3. If the Bears can cover against the Lions, so can the Vikings. 

Falcons (-3) over the New York Jets

Yes, the Jets just beat the Titans. Yes, the Falcons just lost to the WFT. An influx of money is coming on the New York Jets, and I am not ready to crown Zach Wilson a viable NFL starter just yet. I think the Falcons, and surprising Corradaile Patterson, find a way to take down the Jets and get their second win. 

Los Angeles Chargers (-2) over the Cleveland Browns

As I noted above, is Baker Mayfield hurt? He’s been a fine game-manager this year, but just can’t get the ball down the field. The Chargers offense can move the ball, and will test the Browns Defense more than the Vikings did last week. Chargers continue their early-season success and hand the Browns loss No. 2. 

Lock (or Fade) of the Week

Saints (-2) over the WFT

All favorites this week! (Yes, I know underdogs win, but they can win the other games). Saints looked like they were going to win handley up 21-10, before things turned for the worse in a loss against the New York Giants. The WFT narrowly escaped with a victory from Atlanta. I think the universe corrects itself, and the Saints take care of business off a loss and handle the WFT on Sunday. 

Best of Luck! 


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