For Frequency Sake Fantasy Football Elijah Moore – A Film Breakdown

Elijah Moore – A Film Breakdown

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Elijah Moore’s Film Breakdown

School: Ole Miss

Size: 5’9/ 180lbs

I rate all WRs on a 1- 10 scale. I rate them on the following:

Hands: 9

RAC Ability Overall: 9

Routes Overall: 8

Elusiveness: 7

Speed: 8.5

Strength: 5

Passion : 8

Contested Catch Ability: 8

Route Tree Capability: 8

Line Of Scrimmage Ability: 7

Body Control: 8

Ball Tracking: 8

I also tally the following:

*Just from what I saw. These aren’t final stats in any way.


Successful contested grab = Less than 2 yards separation and a completed catch.

Broken Tackles – Anytime he gets past a would-be arm tackler for an extra 2 yards or more

Successful Spin Move – Spins, creating two or more extra yards.

Successful Stiff Arms – Throws a well-timed stiff arm that creates an extra 2 yards or more.

Successful Juke – Creates an extra 2 yards or more.

Routes Won – He generates 2 yards or more of separation.

Run Block Wins – Shows correct angle and allows his teammate to gain 2 yards and/or loses no ground to the defender in an engaged block. 

Snaps Watched: 200

Successful Contested Grabs: 13

Broken Tackles: 8

Successful Spin Moves: 1

Successful Stiff Arms: 0

Successful Juke Moves: 13

Routes Won: 68

Run Block WIns: 10

Overall : 84  /100

Slot/X Position: He will most likely be most productive in the slot. He also took snaps at RB and looked damn good doing that too, 

Upside: Top 20 

College Stats:

2018: 36 Rec./ 398 Yards/ 2 TDs

2019: 67 Rec/ 850 Yards/ 6 TDs

2020: 86 Rec/ 1,193 Yards/ 8 TDs


  • On passing downs he breaks off the top of the route and gets his head turned around quickly, to make himself available to the QB
  • He has very quick feet at the line
  • He shows understanding of when to plant his foot and explode based off DB’s hips, and I DO mean he EXPLODES
  • Often 1 on 1 when he goes deep is either a catch or pass interference/defensive holding
  • Has a stutter step before he plants outside foot (sometimes,) before he breaks off inside- That may need to be cleaned up at next level
  • Creates great seperation most of the time
  • On the outside he sometimes hops before his release- needs a little tweaking for NFL
  • Even with that hop he wins with speed often
  • Finds open areas well in scramble drills
  • In 2020 Alabama game it looked like he was held quite a bit and didn’t get the calls
  • Does a great job changing speeds in short to intermediate routes
  • Reads zone defenses well and adjusts his routes accordingly
  • In 2020 Alabama game he smokes two defenders deep and makes an incredible catch as he’s being hit by the 3rd DB, who was a Safety
  • He has a deadly double move
  • Beat Alabama DB’s by 4 yards on a deep route
  • Runs a very dangerous inside crossing route
  • Can run any type of route at a high level 
  • He gets his hips turned quickly after his break 
  • Sets up routes well 
  • Good feel of where to go in zone coverage
  • Deadly on any type of outside breaking routes (Deadly is becoming repetitive, eh?)
  • In 2020 South Carolina game he roasts a DB for a big score while down 4 points- This was the Lane Kiffen clipboard incident
  • He had to stop for the ball on the game winner mentioned above, and still scored with 6 yards to spare
  • Shows he can use his feet and hands very well at the line simultaneously, to counter the DB trying to get hands on him 


  • Incredible quickness
  • He is a nightmare in the open field with quickness and speed
  • He can get to top speed very quickly
  • He can get to the outside in a hurry on short passes or jet sweeps
  • He can make guys miss in extremely tight windows, and sometimes more than one defender falls victim to this in a single play
  • Coaches would be idiots not to design him multiple touches in space per game
  • He can completely stop for a catch and still easily outrun everyone
  • Maintains his speed through the catch 
  • He explodes in and out of jukes, barely losing his top speed 
  • Has good vision on run and uses his blockers well


  • Shows that he can catch over the middle even when it’s congested- no fear
  • QB shows that he trusted him 1 on 1 to come up with the football
  • Goes and attacks the ball
  • He honestly shocked me with his contested catch abilities
  • Has very good hands, tracking the ball in and catching away from his body
  • He can take some absolute shots and hold on, while bouncing right back up 
  • Good catch radius for his size


  • Plays much bigger than he is
  • Not sure if he’s destined for slot only
  • Lines up at RB often and used a ton on sweeps
  • Used in motion a ton
  • All the motion pre-snap greatly influenced the run game for his RB and set him up for success at times


  • For his size he can make some impactful blocks
  • Willingness to block is inconsistent 
  • Can perform well-timed blocks in screen game
  • When play comes to him he is willing to block more times than not, overall


Elijah Moore was a pleasure to watch from start to finish. He is seriously fast and quick, plus he plays like he’s 6’3 and 215 pounds. Heck, he even made Lane Kiffen (his Head Coach) so excited he threw his clipboard to the freaking moon when he scored the game winner vs. South Carolina this year. The plays he made were a ton of fun to watch and I am very excited to see what he can do at the next level. 

Hopefully he lands somewhere with a QB who likes to go deep and to a team who already has at least one dominant WR. He is best suited for the slot but he can move around for favorable matches. He will flourish more in this type of situation, where defenses can’t key in on him. He will have big plays wherever he goes but I am not sure he is QB proof. Most likely he isn’t, honestly.

I may be crazy, but I would take him 2.3 or better in Super Flex rookie drafts. I’d take him over the likes of Marshall Jr. and Amon Ra St. Brown. People will disagree with that possibly, but that’s fine with me. I am starting to see the hype generate, so if he starts sneaking into the 1st round for some reason I’m out.

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