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Ryan Succop: Birthday: September 19 – Virgo

Weekly Horoscope: You feel the need to plan everything and keep it all under your control. But, the planet Venus has different plans. Venus will do the little miracle of making you more impulsive, causing a little (or a lot of) madness in your life.

“Mr. Irrelevant” 2009. League records: Highest field goal percentage by a rookie (86.2), most consecutive successful field goals from inside the 50 yard line (56). This year Succop is 28-31 on field goals and 52-57 on extra-point attempts. 

Mason Crosby: Birthday: September 4 – (I honestly can’t believe this is happening) Virgo

Weekly Horoscope: Please see above. Of course this happened. Look for kicker madness in a game that could have nasty weather. I have a feeling I’ll be hearing from the anti-kicker crowd this weekend. Bring it on. 

Nickname: Zaddy. Career: Drafted by the Packers in the 6th round of 2003. Crosby eclipsed 1,000 points in 2014. A perfect 2020 season in field goals making 18-18 and 59-63 on extra-point attempts.

Tyler Bass: Birthday: February 14 (aww) – Aquarius 

Weekly Horoscope: Your big comeback is taking center stage with the moon on your side. You might feel a little more tired than usual but big surprises and confirmations are coming your way. 

The Rookie. Younger than me. Records: Longest field goal by a rookie in NFL playoff history (54 yards). Most points by a Bills player in a single season (141). This year Bass is 28-34 on field goals for the season and 57-59 on extra point attempts. 

Harrison Butker: Birthday: July 14 – Cancer

Weekly Horoscope: The week starts off rough for you as the moon of Aries will put you in a bad mood. Tempers will flare between you and your partner. The line of communication will open later in the week, but if you don’t avoid the fights early, they may rear their heads again. (I wonder if the partner will be his snapper or holder)

Nickname: Butt Kicker. Also younger than me. Also, Butt Kicker is the most uncreative nickname I’ve ever heard. Records: Most field goals ever made by a rookie (38). This year Butker is 25-27 on field goals and 48-54 extra-point attempts.

*When I started this, I did not anticipate that Harrison Butker would have had the fewest amount of extra-point attempts this year of the bunch.*

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