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Streamers for Championship Week

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This should be championship week for every league. If it’s not then it’s time to impeach your commissioner. Never before in a season have we ever needed to be streaming or scouring the waiver wire this late or this much. Welcome to our Covid world. In addition to monitoring our teams for Covid players, we have to monitor the waiver wire for viable replacements. Let’s take a look at some widely unowned players that may have good matchups this week.


Tua Tagovailoa, Dolphins at Titans: At this point I think Tua has proven that he’s a legit NFL QB and the Dolphins can quit trying to acquire soon-to-be inmate Deshaun Watson. Against the Titans, Tua faces a defense that has only had two takeaways in the last four weeks. Overall they are a solid defense, but Tua can beat a “solid defense.” Both teams are still in the hunt for a playoff spot and the Dolphins are desperate, so expect them to play like they’re pushing all their chips into the middle of the table.

Zach Wilson, Jets vs. Buccaneers: I heard you. “Zach Wilson?!!?” Yes, Zach Wilson. The Jets are at home and will have surprisingly decent early January weather, so both QB’s will be tossing it around. If Brady is tossing the ball around, then that means the Bucs will have a lead in the second half. In addition to the garbage time potential, the Bucs pass defense has been porous against the pass this season.

Mac Jones, Jaguars @ Patriots: I’m pointing to the bleachers and calling my shot. Mac Jones is going to carve up the Jaguars this weekend. I’m seeing two TD passes and over 200 yards passing. That’s not spectacular, but if your QB goes down with Covid on Saturday, it’s better than a goose egg in the QB column. You, me and the nine other people that reads this article could beat the Jaguars. I’m seeing a lot of short passes to the RB’s and Jakobi Meyers. Belichick wants to get Mac ready for the playoffs where they might need open up the playbook and score more to keep up.

Back in the day, fat, half footed kickers were all the rage


Lirim Hajrullahu, Panthers @ Saints: The Panthers are not good at scoring touchdowns because Cam isn’t good at football. They may cross mid-field occasionally, but will be lucky if they get anywhere near the end zone. Also, I just wanted to be the first person ever to recommend Lirim Hajrullahu in a fantasy column.

Jason Meyers, Seahawks vs. Lions: If the Seahawks can’t get their offense working against the Lions then Russ should retire after the game.

Chris Boswell, Browns at Steelers: Neither offense is exactly lighting up the scoreboard lately. This could be a 12-9 game.

Apparently this guy is dreaming of Canadian fantasy football. Favorite?

Defenses: Keep an eye on the personnel on your starting D. If too many key players are out you might want to pivot to a lesser alternative that has a very good matchup.

New Orleans, Panthers @ Saints: Cam + football = not much really. If they could only muster up 10 points against the Dolphins, imagine how bad the Panthers will be against a defense that has only allowed 18 passing touchdowns on the year.

New York Giants @ Chicago: Justin Fields may be improving, but he’s still a rookie QB who will make some mistakes. Also, he’s a running QB which always leads to sacks.

Chicago, Giants at Bears: The Bears are good at sacking the quarterback and QB Jake Fromm is good at getting sacked. This is a matchup made in fantasy football heaven.

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