For Frequency Sake Fantasy Football James’ NFL Mock Draft Version 3.0

James’ NFL Mock Draft Version 3.0

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Mock Draft SZN continues! With less than 2 weeks until the actual NFL Draft, every mock draft should become more and more refined. Free Agency has been underway for awhile now, so there are less and less relevant transactions with each passing day. That means the majority of movement within mock drafts at this point in time will come from reading each organization’s actions and projecting their next moves. Continuing my reign as your deep league king, I am again providing a full 7 round mock draft for any loyal readers. Today’s mock draft has a few significant updates from both my past and Doug’s most recent mock drafts. Let’s take a look at what’s changed at the top of the draft.

Round 1

In my most recent mock I said the top 3 picks were all straightforward. Well, the positional selections remained the same but it looks like San Francisco is no longer in love with Mac Jones. Justin Fields is the consensus best talent at 3, and it’s looking more and more like the Mac Jones interest was a smokescreen. I’m still convinced that the pick at #4 will be a QB, but I’m still not convinced it will be Atlanta making that pick. The Charges should address their OL first and foremost and that will make 6 offensive linemen in the top 14 picks. Mix that in with 5 QBs and that leaves only 3 picks in the top 14 for skill positions and defense. Playoff teams from last year should be able to address their internal needs with ease, and without trading up.

Round 2

People should not be surprised if the Jets take a running back early. Looks of pundits don’t think this is a good strategy, but Robert Saleh comes from a team that always focused on establishing the run. JOK and JO going back to back this late will surprise many people. Micah Parsons not going in the top 40 will shock many people. Defensive players in this draft are just not going to go high. It might have something to do with the top end skill in this draft. It might have something to do with team need. Regardless, it’s going to happen in some capacity.

Round 3

The theme of this entire draft is offensive linemen. With that clear, we see four of the first five picks in round 3 as OLs. Many teams simply need depth along with top end talent at offensive line we are going to see many, many drafted. Unsurprisingly, many fantasy fans will feel frustrated at the lack of skill positions getting drafted. Unfortunately for us fantasy players, NFL front offices don’t care about your rookie picks. They care about winning.

Round 4

The draft keeps looking strong in the 4th. Demetric Fenton will shoot up draft boards if he’s the RB who lands in Atlanta. Furthermore, Khalil Herbert will get drafted in every league if he’s the next Mike Davis as the RB in waiting behind CMC. The Raiders take the first kicker because Jon Gruden. The Patriots take the second kicker because Bill Belichick? As with all mocks, there will be movement in these rounds that is truly unpredictable. However, if no movement happens both of these teams are taking a kicker earlier than either fanbase wants.

Round 5

We’ve got more linemen and less RB and WRs than ever before. This entire round sees two running backs. Rhamondre Stevenson to Cleveland as the clear insurance to Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, and Trey Sermon to San Francisco as the unclear anything in a messy fantasy backfield. What is more shocking is there is only one WR, Tutu Atwell to Kansas City. Fantasy drafters don’t want to admit this, but there is no depth in this class. It falls off fast.

Round 6

Marlon Williams would be a sneaky nice complementary piece in Los Angeles for Justin Herbert. Sage Surratt could see a breakout in San Francisco. Kylin Hill in New England gives strong parallels to James White. Elijah Mitchell in Atlanta might get some carries? Javian Hawkins in Arizona will get too many people hyped up only to not see many results. Once agian, that’s it for RBs and WRs in this round. Again, there is no depth.

Round 7

We round this draft out with, look at that, just one RB or WR in the final round. This one is Jaret Patterson going to the Washington Football Team. Shockingly, this is the same team that was mocked to draft him in our 2.0 draft. It’s just 2 picks later. That’s it though. Teams need to address their defense and interior linemen. There just isn’t the WRs or RBs in this draft to give fantasy players what they want; a shiny new toy.


Once again, the majority of these picks will be wrong. As a reminder, the purpose of any Mock Draft is to have fun and project what teams might do. Mock Drafts should be used as a gauge to see what positions a team may address in the draft. Mock Drafts should be fun and interesting. They should also strive to be right. I hope you enjoyed this one as we are now only two weeks away from the real NFL draft.

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