For Frequency Sake Fantasy Football Kyle Trask – A Film Breakdown

Kyle Trask – A Film Breakdown

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Name: Kyle Trask 

School: Florida Gators

Size: 6’5″/ 240 lbs

I rate all QB’s on a scale of 1- 10 in the following areas:

Mechanics: 6

Pocket Awareness/Presence: 7

Progression with Reads: 8

Arm Power: 6

Accuracy (Ball Placement): 8

Attitude (Aggressive/Passion): 7

Ball Security: 7

Footwork: 5

Mobility: 5

Rushing Ability: 3

I also tally the following:

Snaps Watched:  194

Good Ball Placement: 133

Bad Ball Placement: 14

Throwing A WR Open: 19

Bad Decisions:  14


2018: Under 30 pass attempts

2019: 237- 354 Att./66.9%/2,941 Yards/ 29 TDs/ 7 INTs/ RTG: 156.1

2020: 305- 437 Att./ 68.9%/ 4,283 Yards/ 43 TDs/ 8 INTs/ RTG: 180.0

OVERALL: 65 /100

Fantasy Upside: 

I wouldn’t expect anything better than No. 15 at the QB position, which at current ADP in rookie drafts would be a win. He’s a smart player who can survey an entire defense quickly and gets the ball out with great timing, anticipation, and accuracy. He will be capped by rushing totals and an average arm. He’s also probably not going to have great draft capital for a QB. 


Arm Talent: 

  • He can fit throws into some tight areas
  • He throws a beautiful back shoulder ball
  • Shows ability to make accurate throws under pressure 
  • He doesn’t have elite arm power and it most likely falls into the “average” category 
  • Has ability to throw on the run
  • Good release time 
  • Some of his throw’s ball placement is incredible 
  • Vs. Texas A&M in 2020, he’s about to be hit by the DT and he throws the perfect ball 30 yards downfield
  • Throws downfield tend to float on him a little
  • He will have to make his living short to intermediate in the NFL (which is where the majority of the game is played)
  • I do believe he has enough arm to complete the deep one on ones, to counter the defense sitting on his short to intermediate attempts
  • He can make some off-platform throws but he does lose considerable power
  • He can’t make every throw that an elite QB could make 

Football IQ/Awareness 

  • Knows how to buy time and reset to throw quickly 
  • He throws with good anticipation
  • IDs zones quickly and where to go with the football vs them 
  • Does a great job on short-intermediate areas putting the ball in the  correct area to maximize RAC
  • Throws ball away if there’s nothing he likes and typically takes what the defense gives him 
  • Shows good awareness of positive matchups that he has on the field and takes into account the situation he’s in 
  • WIll be able to pick apart man defense
  • He makes very quick decisions usually
  • Does throw into triple and double coverage at times but usually to Kyle Pitts (I still knock throwing into triple coverage no matter what)
  • There are times he does throw up a prayer 
  • You can tell he knew this offense through and through
  • Shows ability to make plays under duress
  • IDs outlet fast when under pressure
  • Shows excellent timing with his receivers


  • Can buy a little time time and reset to throw quickly 
  • Can be used in roll outs and would probably benefit from that in rookie year 
  • Can be trusted to run in short yardage situations with his size 
  • He’s not quite the statue you’re made to believe but not going to run for a lot of yards – used mainly to extend the play, or move the pocket
  • Has slow lateral foot speed while in the pocket
  • Can beat most DEs and DTs to the outside 
  • Shows good running lane vision in short- yardage designed runs 

Pocket Awareness/Presence

  • He slides in the pocket well and can buy time 
  • There is some wasted movement 
  • Shows good mobility in pocket  vertically, lacks lateral movement inside the pocket at times
  • Shows good ability to roll out
  • When shifting in the pocket he moves both feet at once with a clean pocket normally, but there are times he throws with a wide or narrow base when there’s pressure
  • Feels pressure well most of the time
  • Decent Internal clock
  • Knows when to step up in the pocket


  • Good shift of power through his feet though it seems a tad slow
  • Snaps hip well 
  • Good follow through 
  • May be able to generate more arm power by tweaking the mechanics to snap hips faster
  • Feet are a little dead in the pocket at times
  • Points left foot and shoulder at the intended target 
  • Throws with too wide of a base at times
  • There were a few snaps that I saw him throw off balance with no pressure

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