For Frequency Sake Fantasy Football Travis Etienne – A Film Review

Travis Etienne – A Film Review

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Name :  Travis Etienne

School: Clemson

Size: 5’10/ 205lbs

I Rate all RB’s on a scale of 1-10

  • Footwork:  8.5
  • Vision: 9
  • Patience: 8
  • Elusiveness: 8
  • Contact Balance:8
  • Break Tackle Ability (when a defender has a hand on him):  9
  • Game Speed: 9
  • Burst: 9.5
  • Hands: 9
  • Route Running: 7
  • Run Toughness (Fight in the Dawg): 7

I also tally the following:

Games Watched: 12

Successful Stiff Arms: 3

Successful Spin Moves: 6

Trucks: 5

Shed Tackles (Mainly Arm Tackles): 59

Evaded Tackles: 30

Fumbles (Lost or not): 0

Pass Block Losses: 6

Pass Block Wins: 24

Fall Forwards: 64

College Stats:

  • 2017- 107 Att./ 766 Yards/ 13 TDs
  • 2018- 204 Att./ 1,658 Yards/ 24 TDs
  • 2019- 207 Att./ 1,614 Yards/ 19 TDs/ 37 Rec./ 432 Yards/ 4 TDs
  • 2020- 168 Att./ 914 Yards/ 14 TDs/ 48 Rec./ 588 Yards/ 2 TDs


Passing Game (Inc. Blocking)

  • Can line up as outside receiver. 
  • Returns Kicks as well
  • Comes back to ball in scramble drills
  • Does make some mistakes in Pass Pro, Both takes wrong guy and whiffs on the wrong guy
  •  Can make multiple defenders miss at once
  • Asked to pass block a lot in 2019
  • Good after catch
  • Usually finds soft spot in zone coverages
  • Can block well in the screen game
  • Also capable of incredible plays in Pass Pro.
  • Good vision
  • The L’s in Pass Pro were huge lineman
  • Can pancake LB’s in Pass Pro
  • Always open underneath
  • Can stretch the seam
  • I like his patience in screen game
  • Has mythical 2nd gear
  • Fantastic security blanket
  • Can pass in trick plays
  • He combines great patience with great burt at the right time
  • Threat to the outside
  • Good field position awareness
  • Catches away from the body
  • Good awareness OVERALL in scramble drills
  • Good OVERALL awareness in screen game
  • Asked to mainly to chip block in Pass Pro
  • Enough can’t be said about his explosiveness on the outside
  • Freezes time in Play Action
  • Ran  a ton of routes out of RB position\
  • Elite East and West quickness
  • He’s not the best blocker in the world. However, I don’t think it’s a liability.
  •  the thing with his pass blocking is you want him to hold it, but you don’t know what coaches asked him to do though  
  • Ran a nice 9 route at the X position during Miami 2019 game
  • Great deceptive skills in the screen game

Rushing Game

  •  Can make multiple defenders miss at once
  • Good vision
  • Has THE mythical 3rd gear
  • He combines great patience with great burst at the right time
  • Good field position/situational awareness
  • Enough can’t be said about his explosiveness on the outside
  • Elite East and West quickness
  • Love his lateral speed
  • Top speed is incredible
  • 55 yarder vs. OSU in 2019 is a WTF Run
  • Takes what defense gives him usually
  • Good at draw plays
  • Can both outrun and get caught by DB’s
  • Pretty spin move
  • Runs away from LBs and DL. Can be caught by DB’s who take perfect angle
  • Smooth runner
  • Slippery
  • Sets up juke well with quick stutter step
  • Patiently lets people over pursuers to run by before he hits the gas
  • No stranger to running out of shotgun
  • Tough runner
  • Get’s skinny in the hole
  • Deceptively fast
  • Can break ankles
  • The burst he has when he cuts back is incredible
  • Runs a little too up and down. Needs to drop those pads
  • Not great making early penetration miss
  • Not afraid to push the pile forward
  • Super deceptive feet
  • Great in the draw game
  • Wish he was better in tight space, but nothing he can’t correct
  • Hole closes and he has the skills and awareness to get to outside
  • Forces bad angles from defenders to make shedding tackles easier
  • Took a LB 15 yards on his back
  • Shakes one man off while making another man miss
  • Picks holes and hits jets


  • Tough runner
  • Takes 2 people to tackle him normally
  • Keeps legs moving
  • Very tough runner
  • Has no problem taking on 3 tacklers for one yard
  • Answers blown up runs with nice runs
  • Makes small creases work

OVERALL:  85/100

RB Type:  All around

Upside: Top 10

I would take him mid 1st in Super Flex leagues with ease. He’s a complete back who is a playmaker at every level.

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