For Frequency Sake Fantasy Football Chuba Hubbard – A Film Review

Chuba Hubbard – A Film Review

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Chuba Hubbard

RB Prospect 

6’0 / 208 lbs

Note: I give grades (1-5) on the following: 

  • Vision
  • Patience
  • Elusiveness
  • Game Speed
  • Burst
  • Footwork
  • Break Tackle Ability

I also tally the following:

  • Pass Block Wins
  • Pass Block Losses 
  • Games I watched
  • Successful Stiff Arm
  • Successful Trucks
  • Evaded Tackles
  • Tackles Shed (Arm tackles broke mainly)
  • Successful Spin Moves
  • Fumbles


Vision: 4

Patience: 4

Elusiveness: 2

Break Tackles: 3

Game Speed: 4.5

Burst: 4

Footwork: 2.5 (it was improved in 2020 film)


Games Watched: 7

Pass Block Wins: 5

Pass Block Losses: 6

Successful Stiff Arms: 2

Successful Trucks: 2

Tackles Shed:  15

Evaded Tackles 16

Spin Moves: 1

Fumbles: 3

Successful Spin Moves: 1

In Hubbard’s career at Oklahoma State, he racked up 3,459 rushing yards, 33 TDs, and a 5.9 YPC. To add to that he also had 53 receptions for 479 yards and 3 TDs. When you first sit down and put the tape on the first thing that pops is his absolute home run speed It’s definitely a game-changer. Give him a good crease and he can outrun anybody. In his sophomore campaign, he led the nation with 15 rushes greater than 30 yards. Given a good landing spot he can be a great producer for years in dynasty. The list below are notes that I took watching his film. 

  • Decent pass blocker. Has a few pancakes but also has some whiffs
  • If he hits the secondary he has great home run speed. Like, forget it. Game-changing.
  • Tough runner- legs always moving. 
  • Usually meets tackler with lower pads than opponent
  • Against Kansas State in 2019, he dragged a man 8 yards for a score. He will do anything to score inside the 10-yard line. It’s incredible what he can do around the endzone. 
  • Balanced. Has a little bit of everything in his arsenal.
  • He has good vision and patience in the hole and a great cutback move which is where he turns on the jets.
  • With penetration in the backfield, he struggles to create.
  • Missing some lateral agility and ability to break DT tackles at times.
  • Can do the tightrope dance down the sideline
  • Not used a ton in the passing game but did run a lot of routes and rarely a drop. His QB usually looking deep
  • Takes what the defense gives.
  • Runs through arm tackles
  • Improved as a runner in all areas in the small sample size from 2020. That includes footwork, explosiveness of his burst through the hole, and he had much more wiggle. 

As of right now, I have him a tier below Najee Harris and Travis Etienne, but he’s a back that can be used in a multitude of ways. His pass blocking needs some work so he may get pulled on 3rd down until that improves.

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Scott Acquard


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