For Frequency Sake Fantasy Football Are You Streaming or Screaming in Week 10?

Are You Streaming or Screaming in Week 10?

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It’s Week 10 and by now you know if you’re a contender or pretender this season. Even if your team is looking at a bottom-half finish, don’t be that guy that just quits and doesn’t bother with his or her lineup. People hate that guy or gal. If you don’t feel like doing the homework, just show up here every Tuesday for some help filling those positions that give you angst during the bye weeks!

I pity the fool who doesn’t listen to Phil’s fantasy football advice!

QB’s: This week I was feeling a Mr. T vibe, so we’re going with Trevor, Taylor, and Tua.

Trevor Siemian, Saints vs. Titans: I never thought I’d recommend Trevor Siemian, but here we are. He played passably well last week after wresting the starter’s job from Taysom Hill. Even without Derrick Henry, the Titans should be favored, leaving Trevor Lawrence to throw a boatload of garbage time passes and accumulating stats he doesn’t deserve.

Taylor Heinicke, The Football Team vs. the Buccaneers: First of all, you can’t go wrong with anyone named Taylor. Secondly, Heinicke is a decent QB and against the Bucs porous pass defense, he might appear more than decent.

Tua Tagovailoa: Dolphins vs. Ravens: In case you hadn’t noticed, Tua has been lighting it up since his return from injuries. If you’re stuck with no one else to put in, Tua may not win your week for you, but he won’t lose it either.


Danny Carlson, Raiders vs. Chiefs: Lately everyone scores against the Chiefs. They’re playing indoors, so weather won’t be an issue and the Raiders should be moving the ball at will against the Chiefs.

Joey Slye, The Football Team vs. Buccaneers: In what could be a shootout, The Football Team will take any points they can get and field goals count. Slye replaces Chris Blewitt who must have lived up to his last name. Joey Slye is like a cat with nine lives. Every time I recommend him he’s on a different team. This is his third team this season.

Greg Joseph, Vikings vs. Chargers: Regardless of the team record, the Vikings move the ball through the air and on the ground. This week the Vikes may not be home, but Joseph will be kicking in good conditions in San Diego in what could be a shoot-out game.


Arizona Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers: The way the Panthers are going, I’d choose you, me, and nine random people off the street to play defense against them. If the Cardinals defense is available this week, snatch them up and plug them in against the Panthers. Their season is over.

Cleveland Browns vs. New England Patriots: The Browns may seem on the brink of collapse, but they’re not dead yet. They have multiple sacks in all but one game this year and Mac Jones is still a rookie.

New Orleans Saints vs. Tennessee Titans: To be honest, there’s reason to like either defense in this matchup, but I’m going with the Saints because of their 12 sacks in the last four games.

Good luck this week and please come back next Tuesday for help with that dumpster fire of a roster. I’m right there with you! ~Phil

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