For Frequency Sake Fantasy Football It ain’t no lie baby, bye bye bye

It ain’t no lie baby, bye bye bye

It ain’t no lie baby, bye bye bye post thumbnail image

Editor’s note: No Backstreet Boys were harmed in the creation of this article.

I hope you fared better than I did through the first bye week. It’s not that I didn’t have fill-ins, but it was the injuries that created chaos on my rosters. And that my friends is why you’ve got to be scanning the free agents and turning over that last spot or two on your roster with someone who can provide value if needed. Btw, last week I nailed my prediction of the Jags kicker Matthew Wright contributing in a big way (16 pts) and that the Jags would win. Am I psychic? Probably. Here’s this weeks group of potential saviors.


Tua Tagovailoa, Dolphins vs. Falcons: Tua was back against the Jaguars and looked decent. Of course, it was the Jaguars. But he gets the very tame Atlanta Falcons defense this week and he should be able to do some damage.

Matt Ryan, Falcons vs. Dolphins: I know this looks a little ridiculous, but this Dolphins-Falcons game could be a shootout because both defenses are so bad. If you’ve lost Russell Wilson and your other QB is on a bye, the best ability is availability, and Matty Ice is here this week to save your squad. With Calvin Ridley back and Kyle Pitts finally figuring out where the end zone is, I think the Falcons have a very good game this week.

Jameis Winston: Famous Jameis gets to face the Seahawks, who have given up nearly 300 yards and two TD’s per game to opposing quarterbacks over their last three games.

Nick Bosa and the Niners D could saddle the Colts this week. Picture courtesy ABC 7 San Francisco


49ers vs Colts: Sure the Colts have looked improved as of late, but Carson Wentz can be a disaster anytime protection breaks down and the Niners are good getting after the quarterback. I see some sacks and turnovers coming in this matchup.

Chiefs vs. Titans: Ryan Tannehill is the most sacked QB in the league so far and with the Chiefs likely in the lead, they will get to tee off on Tannehill most of the game.

Giants vs. Panthers: Sam Darnold returns to his old stomping ground at MetLife Stadium, and the results may look eerily similar to the past. He’s looked better than he did in his Jets days, but he’s still holding onto the ball too long, leading his offensive line unable to hold their blocks forever. Protection is going to break down and Sayonara Sammy is going to hit the familiar turf.

Will Younghoe Koo be the scapegoat or The Walrus this week?


Younghoe Koo, Falcons vs. Miami: The Falcons are finding their groove and are making hay against bad teams. Miami fits the bill and the Falcons will be singing Koo Koo Kachoo this week. I guess that makes Younghoe the walrus. I hope somebody gets this joke.

Joey Slye, Niners vs. Indianapolis: Good run games and mediocre quarterbacking add up to lots of kicking opportunities. Joey Slye, which sounds like the name of the drug dealer/informant in every Law & Order episode, should have plenty of opportunities, including the game winner in the fourth qtr. This could be a 12-9 game.

Evan McPherson, Bengals at Ravens: To me, this looks like a trap game for the Ravens. They’re riding high and getting cocky. Who better to derail them than the in-division 4-2 Bengals who are trying to prove they belong with the big boys? Joe Burrow and his receivers have been hot and this would be a statement win. If the offense is clicking Evan McPherson will be plenty busy.

Good luck this week. You’re going to need it. ~Phil

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