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Week two is in the books and chaos reigns supreme. After convincing yourself that your team’s Week 1 poor showing was a fluke. Now after two weeks and some of your positions have been weak both weeks, it might be time to look to the waiver wire for help. If you’re wise, there’s gold to be found in them thar hills! You just have to pick up your shovel and go digging.

Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders


Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders: Derek Carr just keeps showing up and putting together excellent performances. He’s always been one of my favorite backup QBs. This week he’ll be throwing against a Dolphins defense that was absolutely shredded by Josh Allen and the Bills. With Tua likely out, the Raiders should be in control and able to call plays that play to Carr’s strengths.

Theodore Bridgewater, Denver Broncos: Ted and the Broncos get the reeling NY Jets. The Jets’ defense isn’t awful, but last week the Patriots showed how to expose their weakness with short passes to the running backs. Bridgewater isn’t a guy who’s going to bomb it down the field constantly. He plays a conservative, controlled passing game, the way Mac Jones did last week. Let’s give Teddy two passing TDs, one to Noah Fant and the other to the rookie JaVonte Williams.

Daniel Jones, NY Giants: As Daniel Jones showed in his last game, when he holds onto the ball he can put up some very good fantasy points. This week he gets the atrocious Atlanta Falcons defense. Danny Dimes might be worth some quarters this week.


Daniel Carlson, Las Vegas Raiders

Daniel Carlson, Las Vegas Raiders: You know how everyone has tried to get Harrison Butker as their kicker the last three years because he’s attached to that good offense. It’s getting to be time Carlson was held in such high regard. With Derek Carr chucking it all over the field, the Raiders are putting up 29.5 points per game after two games. Some of those are going to the kicker. Grab Carlson as they face the putrid Dolphins this week.

Graham Gano, New York Giants: The Giants get the “atrocious Atlanta Falcons defense” this week. (Why yes, I did just quote myself from earlier in the article) The Giants are going to be able to move the ball, but with Danny Dimes’ occasional inaccuracy they’ll have to settle for some field goals.

Greg Joseph, Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings can put up points but they won’t come as easily against the Seahawks as they have against their other opponents this year. If your kicker has sucked, maybe it’s time to try someone else that’s attached to an offense firing on all cylinders.

The Cardinals defense


Arizona Cardinals: If they’re not owned in your league, grab the Cardinals and put them in your lineup against the Jaguars. Trevor Lawrence is giving up interceptions like Oprah Winfrey gives out cars. He’s back in the pocket thinking “You get a pick, and you get a pick, everybody gets picks!!!” Regardless of how bad Trevor Lawrence has been so far, the Cardinals defense has really been getting after the QB so far this year and they’re usually playing with a lead. In DFS, this is the defense I want this week.

Carolina Panthers: 1: They’re playing the Texans. 2: Tyrod Taylor is going to be out. 3: Houston is going to start someone named Davis Mills?!!? Doesn’t Davis Mills sound like a company that makes flour? He definitely doesn’t sound like an NFL QB. And I’m betting that on Thursday the Panthers will toss him around like a bag of flour.

That’s it for this week. Good luck and feel free to hit me up on Twitter @thephilfactor

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