For Frequency Sake Fantasy Baseball MLB Game Day Recap Day 45: Nothing

MLB Game Day Recap Day 45: Nothing

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It’s the MLB Game Day Recap Day 45 which means it’s time to talk about nothing. I’m 45 days into this and I’m fresh out of a headline topic. I took a break and didn’t watch much baseball today. Cleveland played Seattle, so I’m blacked out and didn’t bother finding a stream. The Mets played in Tampa Bay so it was the most unaesthetically pleasing game of the season. It’s fine. Everyone else has taken the day off, so my viewing habits did too. See you tomorrow.

Climbing Up

It’s just one game, but with a player like Joey Gallo, all it takes is one game. The Texas Ranger masher is a true all-or-nothing hitter and when there is just one game of “all”, my spidey senses perk up. Joey went 3-for-4 against Luis Garcia and the Astros, and that’s a good enough pitcher with good enough results for me to immediately take notice. One of those three was a homer and Gallo ultimately ended the game with three RBIs. If you’re looking to take risks, try trading for Gallo right now. He absolutely might take another month before he has a three-hit game again, or he’s about to have five over his next two weeks. This is a risk worth taking.


Jose Berrios was able to go seven strong innings, but he also gave up four runs. These starts seem to be the norm for Berrios. All the setup is there for success, but then this is the result. A start that is completely acceptable, but there is so much left on the table. Six strikeouts, a 1.14 WHIP, a Twins victory, and emptiness for Berrios managers. There is a reason he is not found on any of my rosters, someone else loves Jose more than me. The talent is clearly there, but by the time he puts it all together, it’s always too late.

Who’s Hot

Trevor Bauer has struck out at least six while giving up two runs or fewer in every one of his starts since Opening Day. He has had one game where he allowed more baserunners than innings pitched. Who cares if Trevor is or is not using the same stuff all the other elite pitchers are using to maximize grip and spin rate, he’s winning games for fantasy managers everywhere. Somehow overlooked despite winning the Cy Young last year, playing for the best team in baseball, and being a constant media presence, Trevor Bauer is an excellent pitcher. The difference between him and Jacob deGrom is Trevor isn’t on the IL. He’s hot, and he’s going to stay hot. There’s nothing to suggest otherwise.

Who’s Not

It’s understood that he’s just a placeholder until Noah Syndergaard or Carlos Carrasco return, but does anyone remember when Joey Lucchesi was supposed to be good. The future former Met was obliterated again today for four runs over 1.2 innings and looks everything like a former Major Leaguer. His pitching mechanics are trash but could be forgiven if he was able to avoid hard contact. He can’t. This is a guy who was supposed to be a piece on an up-and-coming Padres rotation, and now he looks like a guy who will be out of baseball in a year or two. He was never might, but oh how he’s still fallen.

The Emilio Bonifacio Award

Eduardo Escobar has made his triumphant return to this award. Dropping a beautiful two-home run game to go along with three runs scored and seven RBIs, this is the reason Escobar never gets dropped. He had an abysmal past two weeks, but a game like this makes managers forget all about the past. Still, 2B and 3B eligible, Escobar’s hot streaks make him extremely usable. When he’s on, there are not many players at 2B who rival what he does. Congrats on another on Eduardo, I’m sure we’ll see you here again before long.

The James Shields Award

In addition to Trevor Bauer and Jose Berrios, we had a trio of very white late 20 or early 30 something names pick up a Shields. Tyler Mahle only gave up two runs in seven innings in Colorado, which is basically a shutout. Austin Nola gave up three runs across 6.2 innings against Toronto. Cole Irvin continued to be a breakout starter shutting down the Twins for one run across six and two-thirds innings. There was one more member of the Shields club tonight, and that was another very which name in Mike Minor. The Royals lefty shut down the White Sox for one run over seven innings. No other shutouts to go along with Bauer’s, but plenty of very good performances all around.

The Brad Lidge Award

Jake McGee once finds himself winning a Lidge, this time after allowing two runs across 0.2 innings in a loss to the Pirates. Fortunately for McGee, this was his fourth appearance in five games so his meltdown is very understandably due to being overworked. It’s not as if nothing went wrong, but when tired pitchers pitch tired, is anyone surprised? Jake McGee is not Josh Hader, but he appears to be used more than the elite closer. When looking at pitchers who perform badly, look at usage. There’s always more under the hood.


The MLB Game Day Recap is all about baseball. That’s it. Nothing more today, just baseball.


Minnesota Twins pitcher Jose Berrios celebrates an inning-ending out against the Houston Astros in the fourth inning of Game 2 of an American League wild-card baseball series, Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2020, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

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