For Frequency Sake Fantasy Baseball MLB Game Day Recap Day 34: Post-Hype Players

MLB Game Day Recap Day 34: Post-Hype Players

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It’s the MLB Game Day Recap Day 34 which means it’s time to talk about post-hype players. These are the players who have been hyped up multiple times without meeting their expectations. Post-hype guys are often thought to now be the player they’ve shown us to be, and the player they can still yet coming. Linear progression is the standard in fantasy sports, and when players don’t grow on this model they are often discarded. That is why post-hype players exist. Look at articles like this. Hell, it’s its own entire genre. Post-hype works because there are always players who are not linear performers. Savvy managers like you and I know this. We are prepared for this, and we litter our rosters with post-hype players. This type of player is very real, and very good managers will always find a way to take advantage of marketplace loopholes.

Climbing Up

Aaron Nola looked everything like the Cy Young conder that he’s been the past half-decade. Nola picked up the win while striking out 10 across 6.0 innings. Lowering his ERA 2.89 and keeping his WHIP in two digits at 0.98, the man who finished top 10 in the Cy Young 2 of the past 3 years looks poised to do it again. Somewhat forgotten as one of the best pitchers who’s not in the elite tier, Nola just continues to perform. Fantasy managers already know exactly what Nola is capable of, but he looks like he might be going on an extended hot streak.


German Marquez absolutely imploded against the Giants today. In the first game of a doubleheader, German could not even make it out of the first inning. Eight base runners reached, eight base runners scored. The best thing we can say about this start is that he struck out 50% of the outs he recorded and he did not allow a home run. Unfortunately, sometimes even the good Rockies starters get bent out of shape in Colorado. It’s not an insane thought process to just bench Marquez at home and only start him on the road. As a manager who rostered and started him in a head-to-head league tonight, my ratios are not happy with me. It happens, but when it happens in Colorado, there will always be second-guessing.

Who’s Hot

Dylan Cease is looking more and more like the next Lucas Giolito. He went 6.0 innings allowing just one hit and walking three and striking out 11 in a thrashing of Cincinnati. Over his past two starts, he’s gone 13.0 innings, allowed seven base runners, and struck out 20. That’s not just a fantasy ace, that’s a real-world ace too. Cease has the pedigree to be a top-flight starter and just like his rotational counterpart Lucas Giolito he appears to have taken a few years to unlock that top prospect talent. Cease was dropped in multiple leagues early in the year and patient managers who snagged him off waivers are now reaping the rewards. An AL Central starter who has only faced Detroit and Cleveland a combined one start, things may still be on the way up for Dylan.

Who’s Not

Jake McGee had another blow-up against the Rockies in the second game of their doubleheader. He allowed only a single to pinch hitter Alan Trejo to start the inning, but then completely imploded. He did not record another out and ultimately allowed four runs and now has an ugly 5.54 ERA, with albeit a more manageable 1.15 WHIP. Gabe Kapler has never been shy about shuffling around his ninth-inning options, so it definitely looks like McGee will need some time away from the ninth. Not necessarily a drop, McGee is more of a hold that needs to be on your bench until his next clean outing. He can easily return to get the majority of save opportunities the rest of this season, just today he is struggling.

The Emilio Bonifacio Award

Garrett Hampson technically played two games today, but it’s only 14 innings thanks to one of many dumb new rules so he is still eligible for the single-game Bonifacio award. Hampson’s 3 for 7 performance across both games saw him also score two runs and steal a base. Mostly written off this year as a player who would never meet the hype, Hampson is finally performing. A top 10 second baseman, shortstop, and outfielder over the first month of the season, Garrett Hampson has arrived. Look for many more Bonifacio’s to end up on his mantle as he continues to cement himself at the top of the Rockies rebuilding lineup.

The James Shields Award

Kyle Gibson and Cole Irvin both went 8.0 innings netting their teams the victory. Gibson did not earn the W, but he did hold Minnesota in check allowing three runs and striking out eight in the eventual Twins win. Irvin mystified the Blue Jays allowing only one run and striking out nine while getting that W. Both of these pitchers have journeyman tags on their careers, but as we’ve seen with Gibson 2021 might be their years. Huascar Ynoa went 7.0 inning, earned the W, and drove in as many runs as K’s he recorded with four. A certain someone said to invest him early in the year, and that investment is paying off. Kyle Hendricks rebounded from an awful last start, going 7.0 innings against the Dodgers and picking up the win. This was a classic Hendricks start and anyone worried he “lost it” has been immediately proved wrong.

The Brad Lidge Award

Josh Staumont finally looked human. He entered tonight’s game against the Indians with a 0.63 ERA and 0.69 WHIP but on the night recorded a 40.50 ERA and 4.50 WHIP. The math necessary to get to those numbers means he recorded multiple outs but also gave up many runs. All-in-all, Staumount gave up three runs across 0.2 innings, which while bad and worth of a Lidge, many Lidge winners perform worse. Staumont is still the reliever to own in Kansas City, and this outing is just a bad night. This happens to elite relievers, so it definitely can happen to Josh Staumont.


The MLB Game Day Recap is all about baseball. Post-hype players are scattered throughout baseball history. Jose Bautista. Edwin Encarncion. R.A. Dickey. Joe Musgrove. All of these are post hype guys who took years to reach their final form. There is nothing wrong with, as everyone ages and progresses differently. Right now we are one month of the way through the season, and there are going to be some post-hype players showing up. Players who did not meet their expected 2021 performance. Make sure to buy some of these players, as we know not everyone plays at the same. There is someone sitting on your waiver wire tonigth who is the next post-hype player. Find him.


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