For Frequency Sake Fantasy Football Get off my lawn – Griping into Week 4

Get off my lawn – Griping into Week 4

Get off my lawn – Griping into Week 4 post thumbnail image

Do you know what I don’t like? Yes, I give you a list of dislikes every week, but I’m not a fan of fall. The temperature drops. The leaves come off the trees and make walking hazardous. My allergies take on a life of their own. I have to wear a second shirt or a jacket and that means more laundry. Give me a hot August day anytime. 

While I can’t control the weather (yet), I can control what goes into this column. Let’s get to mowing.

DK Metcalf

Dude. Dude. DUDE. You have to keep running. There is ALWAYS someone chasing you. In case you didn’t see it, Metcalf caught a 62-yard bomb from Russell Wilson that should have been a 63-yard score, but the Dallas defender knocked the ball out of his hands from behind. That happened because Metcalf got caught showboating and slowed down. 

DK, I have two words for you: LEON LETT. For all you youngsters out there this is what happened.

Tennessee Titans

We are six months into COVID-19. If you are a professional athlete living in a bubble and get Corona, you are either A) Irresponsible or B) A moron. It’s unacceptable at this point. Of the three players, one played no snaps. I expect more out of a team run by Mike Vrabel. Do better. You are a professional football team, not the St. Louis Cardinals. 

The tie rule

Dear NFL,

You are a multi-billion dollar organization based on wins and losses. The fact that your teams can tie in a contest is ridiculous. Are you run by Bud Selig? You corrected your overtime rules to make more sense, now do the right thing and get rid of ties. 

Love, Doug

Steve Levy’s pronunciation issues

Look Stevie, I know you’re a hockey guy, but the names in the NFL, by and large, are not French. It is Clyde Edwards-Huh-laire, not E-laire. And according to Momma Mahomes, it’s Patrick, not Pat. It’s not that hard. 

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