About the crew

Once upon a time there were three friends who worked in the QC media that liked to banter about fantasy sports. One day, DJ, Doug, and Nate decided that they should put together a show where they can express their opinions to the general public and FFSQC was born. Later on, they brought on Chris to talk fantasy baseball.

In the summer of the ‘Rona the team expanded to add Adam, Brendan, and Mike as they opened the Massachusetts office (before moving on to global domination).

Special love and thanks to Meghan Jarvis, Joanna Green, Caitlyn Coffin, and Lindsey Steele for allowing us to get together every week and put on this show. (Though rumor has it they are just happy to have us out of their hair for a bit.)

The FFSQC crew

DJ is a former sports writer for the Moline Dispatch.
He enjoys long passes by Patrick Mahomes, tight ends from northeast Ohio and spending time with his wife, Meghan and daughter, Harper.

Doug is the old man of the crew. He has been playing fantasy longer than the rest of the guys have been alive.

Chris is a prospect fanatic, and person who finds himself asking why he is so tired all the time while playing The Show at 2 a.m.

Reigning from Commack, New York, Sicoli has been a crazed fantasy football fan for years. He loves to play redraft, dynasty and daily fantasy alike, so much so that his friends find it a bit worrisome. He played soccer for most of his life and has always been the competitor of the family. While his Pittsburgh Steelers may hurt his heart every year towards the end of the season, he remains loyal to the black and gold. Sicoli is a second-year journalism major at Quinnipiac University and is currently the associate opinion editor of the school newspaper, The Quinnipiac Chronicle. He is on track to graduate with a master’s degree in sports journalism in 2023.
Twitter: Michael__Sicoli

A native of Westminster Massachusetts, an hour outside of Boston, Samson is a die-hard sports fan of everything Boston. He spends a majority of his time playing either Fantasy Football, Fantasy Baseball or watching any sport. Having played football, basketball and baseball for most of his life, sports are connected to everything he does. Samson is in his second year as a journalism major at Quinnipiac University, minoring in sports studies. He is also a contributing writer for the Quinnipiac Chronicle and set to graduate in 2023 with a master’s degree in sports journalism.

A North Carolina resident, Bonnie Robinson hails from New Jersey and is a Philadelphia Eagles fan. She formerly worked as an editor for the Asheville Citizen-Times and was a NASCAR beat reporter. As a last-minute fill-in, her first Fantasy Football league was in 1997. Dissatisfied with finishing in the middle of the pack, she went on to win her first league championship the following year, drafting Terrell Owens in the first round. IDP leagues were her first love, but she now prefers dynasty, although she plays in all formats and dabbles in DFS. She enjoys Deshaun Watson scrambles and has a penchant for tight ends.

Hailing from the Quad Cities, Andrew has been a sports fanatic since day one. Graduating from St. Ambrose University in 2017 with a bachelor degree in Sport Management, Andrew has continued his passion for sports into his career. Growing up playing football, basketball, and baseball, the love for the game has remained constant by playing sports in local rec leagues. Spending football Sundays watching the Chicago Bears and checking his fantasy teams, Andrew is excited to join the For Fantasy Sake team and looks forward to sharing his hot takes with anyone.

Linda loves kickers even more than her Broncos and Oklahoma State. She is also a graphics sorceress.

Phil was a fantasy football writer about three Presidents and two Popes ago before faking his own death to escape the industry. He’s an author of several humorous fiction novels and of The Phil Factor, one of the longest running blogs in world history. Why is he back doing fantasy football analysis? Who knows? Just be glad he is.