For Frequency Sake Fantasy Football Playoffs? Are We Talking About Streaming in The Playoffs?

Playoffs? Are We Talking About Streaming in The Playoffs?

Playoffs? Are We Talking About Streaming in The Playoffs? post thumbnail image

Woo Hoo! Saturday football starts this week! Do we need to stream in the playoffs? Heck yeah! Especially if you just lost Lamar Jackson. Another reason to stream in the playoffs is for kickers and defenses. In the playoffs all the teams are good and you need every single point that you can get. So, let’s get to work. The season ain’t over yet!

Who’s the worse actor in this commercial?


Tua Tags! Dolphins vs. Jets: This guy has been my favorite streamer all season. If Tua is on your waiver wire, this is the week to plug him in if you just lost Lamar Jackson.

Baker Mayfield, Browns vs. Raiders: Put a fork in the Raiders, they are done. The Chiefs just absolutely smoked them. Baker Mayfield isn’t Pat Mahomes, but he’s not bad. The Raiders’ pass defense is bad. They’ve only had five picks all season long. If you’re desperate enough to be looking at waivers for a QB this late in the season, the man who never saw a commercial he wouldn’t do isn’t a bad option.

Mike Glennon, Giants vs. Cowboys: To be honest, this is an “in case of emergency break glass” kind of recommendation. If the rest of your league is hoarding quarterbacks, Glennon picking up garbage time production against the Cowboys in prevent defense might get you some passable numbers.


Ka’imi’ Fai’bair’n: Texans at Jacksonville: Yes, I butchered his name on purpose. Nobody needs two apostrophes in their first name. But this week Mr. Apostrophe has a very favorable matchup in good weather against the worst defensive team in the league. The Texans aren’t great at scoring touchdowns, so they may end up settling for field goals.

Michael Badgely, Colts vs Patriots: Badgely is at home in a grind-it-out type of game that will likely be decided by field goals. Don’t use a lot of position players from this in your daily fantasy football lineups, but if you’re desperate for a kicker with some surprise upside this weekend, Badgely is a good bet.

Younghoe Koo, Falcons at 49ers: We know that Koo is good at kicking the football, but this season his offense isn’t helping him out. The Falcons are not good enough to score a lot of touchdowns against the 49ers defense. If they’re going to score it’s likely to be field goals.

Dee- Fences:

Houston Texans at Jaguars: The Texans have a credible NFL pass defense and this week they get the circling the drain Jaguars. Trevor Lawrence will be good one day, but it won’t be this Sunday. The Texans have 14 picks and 26 sacks so far this season and I’m betting that they add to those totals this week.

Tennessee Titans at Steelers: Talk about circling the drain, the Titans defense gets to go after Big Ben all day. I’ve seen icebergs that move faster than Ben does when the pocket collapses. The Titans have the sixth-most sacks in the league and the 11th-most picks. At 52-years-old Big Ben isn’t getting better. Unlike the Steelers, the Titans are in contention for a bye week and they will get after Roethlisberger early and often.

Eagles vs The Football Team: The Eagles’ defense isn’t great, but if Taylor Heinicke plays he won’t be mobile. If he doesn’t play, Kyle Allen will. Either scenario is good for the Eagles.

Good luck this weekend! Feel free to hit me up on Twitter @thephilfactor

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