For Frequency Sake Gambling Week 14 Best Bets: Panthers Pounce on Falcons

Week 14 Best Bets: Panthers Pounce on Falcons

Week 14 Best Bets: Panthers Pounce on Falcons post thumbnail image

I’m beginning to think I am sounding like a broken record, but what a week of football during Week 13. Because the NFL season is so short, and only happens one day a week, you have to take it all in, every week. 

The Lions won a game! The Lions won a game! I have no idea how Vikings fans make it a whole season with that team…

Kyler Murray returned and looked, well, like Kyler Murray. The Cardinals are sneaky making their way into the for real category. 

The Texans and the Jaguars stink, nothing new there. 

And Minshew-mania returned in Philly and the Eagles looked great! Is it still Jalen Hurts job after they bye? 

The weeks are winding down, the playoffs are slowly coming into view. Fantasy regular seasons are almost over. We are approaching the end, so make sure you take it all in! 

Week 13 Recap

New Orleans Saints (+4.5, -110) vs the Dallas Cowboys, Cowboys win 27-17

Well, my first TNF pick just didn’t pan out. Taysom Hill reminded us why he is a very good fantasy quarterback (for the rushing upside), but just can’t lead an NFL offense. Four interceptions doomed this pick, and a late pick-six ruined the cover for the Saints. Maybe I’ll just stick to Sundays from here on out. 

Indianapolis Colts (-8.5, -110) at the Houston Texans, Colts win 31-0

The Colts did what they were supposed to do, kill the Houston Texans. Jonathan Taylor proved he is a legit MVP contender and the Texans just look awful as they couldn’t even muster up one score. 

New York Jets (+7, -115) vs the Philadelphia Eagles, Eagles win 33-18

Well, if I knew Gardner Minshew would show up and be an electric factory, I probably would not have bet against the Eagles, but I digress. Betting on the Jets is always a risky play, maybe I should’ve stuck with betting the Lions…

Lock of the Week

Miami Dolphins (-4.5, -110) vs the New York Giants, Dolphins win 20-9

I can’t believe people thought Mike Glennon would lead the Giants to victory. The Dolphins continue their red-hot streak and inch closer to 0.500. As does my record for locks of the week! 

Weekly Record: 2-2-0

Overall Record: 26-26-0

Lock of the week: 6-7-0

Week 14 Card

Detroit Lions (+7.5, -110) at Denver Broncos 

This might be FOMO from missing out on the Lions’ first victory last week, I don’t care! The Lions have played almost everyone in a close game, and I don’t see a reason why this one will be different. Denver’s offense does not strike fear into my heart and after a loss to division rival, Kansas City, Denver might overlook the feisty Lions

Los Angeles Chargers (-10.5, -110) vs the New York Giants

Remember last week we bet against Mike Glennon? Well this week, we get to face Jake Fromm. Yes, that Jake Fromm from Georgia. If the Giants didn’t look good with Mike Glennon, they will not look good with Jake Fromm. Look for a big game from Austin Ekeler (Yes, I am manifesting this into existence for my fantasy team)

Buffalo Bills (+3.5, -120) at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Here is a great bounce-back spot for the Buffalo Bills. Everyone is down on them right now for losing to the Patriots in hurricane-force winds on Monday night. Tampa’s defense will struggle to contain Josh Allen and the Bills offense and the Bills keep it close and potentially leave Tampa with a victory. 

Lock of the Week 

Carolina Panthers (-2.5, -115) vs the Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons are not good. Don’t let a win vs Jacksonville two weeks ago fool you, they are not a fundamentally sound football team. Then again, neither are the Panthers. But, with the Panthers coming off a bye and a change at the O=offensive coordinator position, the Panthers will win this game. 

Best of luck! 


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