For Frequency Sake Fantasy Football Week (Weak?) 13 Streamers?

Week (Weak?) 13 Streamers?

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Only two more weeks of bye weeks left and then your team will be at full strength every week, right? If only that were true. I don’t think many of us have gotten through this injury-scathed season without needing some streaming help. You definitely don’t want a weak stream, so let’s see who will be your gun for hire this week!


Taylor Heinicke, The Football Team @ Raiders: The Raiders are favored by about three points with a game total projection of 49 points. That’s pretty close to the magical 50 points we like to see. I’m predicting a shoot-out with Taylor Heinicke putting up some pretty good numbers. The Raiders are giving up 27 points per game and with The Football Team’s run game being almost non-existent, Heinicke will be throwing a lot.

Theodore Bridgewater, Broncos @ Chiefs: Touchdown Teddy will play this Sunday and he gets the eminently iffy Chiefs pass defense. The Broncos will try to slow the Chiefs down by running the ball early, but when they eventually get behind they’re going to have to start passing. That’s when Bridgewater will clean up, getting lots of garbage time production.

Tua Tagovailoa, Giants @ Dolphins: The Dolphins passing game is suddenly hitting on all cylinders and Jaylen Waddle has a new touchdown dance. Tua is still playing for his job and will outscore the Giants who are giving up 371 passing yards per game. He’ll throw one and run one in this weekend.


Evan McPherson, Bengals vs. Chargers: The Bengals offense is starting to hit their stride and the Chargers seem a little lost. When an offense is doing well the kicker always benefits.

Michael Badgely, Colts at Houston: The Colts should win this going away. The Texans actually have a pretty good passing defense, so the Colts will stick to running the ball, which always leads to more field goals.

Matt Prater, Cardinals at Bears: Normally you might worry about wind and weather for games in Chicago, but Prater ain’t afraid of cold and wind. Prior to his current stop in Arizona, he played in Detroit and Denver, so he knows how to kick in any weather. The Bears’ defense will be no match for the Cardinals and late in the game, Prater will get field goal opportunities as the Cards will be taking the points and running out the clock.


San Francisco 49’ers @ Seahawks: These seem like two teams going in opposite directions and it’s the Seahawks who are stumbling down the stretch. Russ is probably playing hurt and he hasn’t looked good since his return. Meanwhile, the 49ers have only given up about 15 ppg in their last three.

Philadelphia Eagles @ the Jets: Even with Zach Wilson back on the field, no one is afraid of the Jets. Most people were too distracted by Jalen Hurts terrible play to notice that the Philly defense was playing pretty well. Against a lesser opponent, the Eagles defense will capitalize on Zach Wilson’s rookie mistakes.

Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions: Expect the Vikes to take an early lead, putting the Lions in a position to throw a lot, which they are not good at. Then again, they’re not good at running the ball either. The game script will put the Lions in passing mode most of the game and that will let the Vikes defense tee off on Goff.

There you have it. At this point in the season, every fantasy team is who they are going to be and there aren’t any secret breakout candidates, so you have to find a few points of value wherever you can get them. Good luck this week!

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