For Frequency Sake Fantasy Football Week 2 Waiver Guide

Week 2 Waiver Guide

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Alright, folks! Hopefully, you get ahold of this before you put your bids in for the night. Below is a spreadsheet that outlines four runningbacks I like that are available in most(ish) leagues. If I left out a name that you think is worth an add… go for it!

Zooming out: I think if you went RB heavy early in your draft you should prioritize the guys at wideout early in the year. If you went WR heavy early, you obviously need to be aggressive on the running backs here. Don’t be afraid to overspend on a player that doesn’t work out. These guys are on the waiver wire because there is a lot of uncertainty associated with them. Playing too conservative early is a recipe for a fifth-place finish.

This may seem obvious to you, but I wanted to make it clear as the percentage of your FAAB budget I suggest may seem a bit high. I’m pricing these players as if I am an owner that really needs a running back or wide receiver.

Good luck!

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