For Frequency Sake Fantasy Football Week 2 Streamers! (and a few DFS picks)

Week 2 Streamers! (and a few DFS picks)

Week 2 Streamers! (and a few DFS picks) post thumbnail image

Week 1 is in the books. Now that you’re feeling crushed by your Week 1 loss, let’s overreact and drop some good players who had a bad week and pick up a bunch of players who got lucky on some fluky plays. (Yes, that’s how you spell fluky. It was a surprise to me too) So, if you’re going to overreact and desperately grab borderline players, let me help you out with a little knowledgeable guidance. (The QB picks may also be helpful in crafting a successful DFS lineup without paying a mint for your QB.)


Theodore Bridgewater, Broncos vs. Jets: Do you think Teddy likes being called Teddy? What if he’s like, “Yo, I’m not Teddy. I’m Theodore.” Or maybe he just likes a simple Ted. Either way, he has a mouthwatering Week 2 matchup against the New York Football Jets.

Taylor Heinicke, Football Team vs. the New York Football Giants: I’m starting to see a pattern with the New York football teams. They’re not great at stopping the mysterious strategy known as the forward pass. This was going to be about Ryan Fitzpatrick, but he went and broke his hip like the senior citizen he is. I’m a little biased towards the name Taylor, and it might be wishful thinking, but I think he, Logan Thomas, and Terry McLaurin are going to thrill the home crowd in the nation’s capital Thursday night. Don’t kid yourselves, fantasy football is gambling. If you’re going to gamble, take some chances that will pay off big. Heinicke is that gamble this week.

Jameis Winston: Saints vs. Panthers: I’ve always been a Jameis Winston apologist. I rode his 30 TD/ 33 INT to a league championship appearance. Now that he’s got his eyes fixed and a coach that will reign in his wild side, Famous Jameis is on a path for the Hall of Fame! If he went undrafted in your league, grab him and start him. It may not be a 5 TD showing every week, but the potential is always there.

Aldrick Rosas


Joey Slye, Texans at Browns: The Browns showed that they’ll give up points, but the TDs won’t come as easy this week for the Texans and they’ll likely settle for more field goals than TDs.

Aldrick Rosas, Saints vs. Panthers: Like Stacy’s Mom, the Saints offense has got it going on and when they take a lead late in the game they’ll put it on cruise control and settle for field goals as they run out the clock.

Daniel Carlson, Raiders at Pittsburgh: I’m writing this before the Monday night game and I feel pretty confident that this game is going to be ugly. Ugly, like Aaron Rodgers stat line last week. Hey Aaron, how about fewer stupid commercials and more practice reps. Speaking of ugly, Aaron for cripes sake, you’re a grown-ass man. Get rid of that stupid man bun/ponytail. No quarterback with a man bun/ponytail has ever won a Super Bowl. This will be a slugfest that could end in all field goals from both teams.


New York Giants at The Football Team: Did I recommend Taylor Heinicke against this same Giants defense earlier? Yes, I did. Hey, it can’t hurt to play both sides of the same coin. Has anyone ever lost a fantasy matchup because of their defense? If it comes down to your defense, then you did a terrible job choosing your whole team. Heinicke might be good or he might be bad. We don’t really know. If you’re gambling but want points one way or another, grab both this week. Is this an asinine strategy? Maybe, or maybe I’m a genius.

Denver Broncos at the Jaguars: Hey, maybe Trevor Lawrence isn’t the second coming of…some rookie quarterback that was great in his first year. Can anyone remember a rookie QB who tore it up in Year 1? Yeah, me neither. And maybe Urban Meyer is only good in college too. The Broncos are the real deal and if they’re on the waiver wire, I strongly recommend picking them up and playing them this week.

Green Bay Packers vs. Lions: The Packers’ defense may have looked awful last week but this week they get Jared Goff. ‘Nuff said.

See you next week! ~Phil

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