For Frequency Sake Fantasy Football Can the New, New York Jets Help You Win Soon? Part 2

Can the New, New York Jets Help You Win Soon? Part 2

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As promised, here is part two of the New York Jets dynasty relevant players. Last time I talked about Zach Wilson, Elijah Moore, and Michael Carter. Today I will be talking about Corey Davis, the new coaching staff, and how they impact the players I talk about. I’ll also briefly discuss Denzel Mims and Keelan Cole. I am leaving out Jamison Crowder for now because I think there’s a good chance he’s traded, or Moore cuts into his snaps. Just as a disclaimer, I wouldn’t draft multiple players from this offense. Sprinkle them in among multiple different rosters. Let us begin…


Corey signed a three-year, $37.5 million contract on March 15th, 2021. He is coming off of his career-best year with 65 receptions for 984 yards, 15.1 yards per reception, and 5 TDs. It appears that Mike LaFleur and Robert Saleh want THEIR guys in this offense and have shown little regard to skill position players who were already rostered. They plan on using him as their alpha WR so he offers a great amount of upside in dynasty formats. 

I am tempering my expectations with Davis. His career-high is under 1,000 yards and his QB isn’t as good as Ryan Tannehill is now. I believe he can be a WR3 with WR2 upside in good matchups. He will probably be a good flex on championship-caliber dynasty rosters. It’s also noteworthy to point out the fact that the NYJ defense isn’t very good, and the volume could certainly be there. Truthfully, I hate predicting game flow but I do believe it’s worth mentioning here. 

The cost of Mr. Davis currently is WR51. As I said, I think he’s a WR3 for fantasy the next year or two. So that’s great value deep in a draft! He’s being drafted near folks like Brandin Cooks (Tyrod?) Curtis Samuel (can’t blame you for picking him,) and Christian Kirk (YUCK.) In my opinion, he’s the only alpha WR in this group and possibly THE focal point of their respective offense. You can’t really say the same about the other guys I listed except for Cooks, but he has serious question marks at QB. If you take Davis, you may also want to look at handcuffing him with this next guy. 


What a bad off-season for Denzel Mims. They sign Corey Davis to a big deal, draft Elijah, and bring in Keelan Cole. Cole was running with the 1’s in OTA’s and it’s pretty apparent Mims will need a huge camp to become relevant for fantasy. He would become relevant in the event of an injury, so I’m holding for the time being. I wouldn’t buy currently because I wouldn’t give up a second, and I doubt they’d do it for a third-round rookie pick. 

However, he does still offer some upside. He’s got great size and speed, running a 4.38 40 time, and measuring in at 6-foot-3. He fits the alpha mold well. He’s in the 96th percentile in arm length as well, according to He has shown some great hands in his football career as well. He definitely needs to clean up some of his route running, particularly early on so he can get open quicker. He has some lazy feet at the line at times.

He’s a good hold until we see him in training camp to get more information on the situation. I STILL have hope he can beat out Keelan Cole in camp. Please, God! Please. 


Let me start this off with Robert Saleh, the head coach. This is not the same old Jets. Gase was a great OC, but he doesn’t appear capable of managing an entire team or seems to be a good motivator, which I believe is required of a good HC. Saleh is like Adam Gase high on a case of Monster and without all the social awkwardness. From all reports I have read, he’s a well-respected coach and was highly sought after this off-season. I believe he will have his guys ready to play, and it looks like he has a plan. 

Now onto the important stuff for fantasy, the offensive coordinator. Mike LaFleur was the passing game coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers and followed his defensive coordinator to the East Coast. I am expecting LaFleur to bring in a similar offense that was run in SF. Look for lots of motion pre-snap to help his players identify what kind of coverage they are facing, and a lot of play-action. The heavy play-action will benefit Zach Wilson a great deal with that being his bread and butter in BYU. This offense is also a perfect fit for Elijah Moore, with all the motions and emphasis being put on getting his players the best mismatches possible. Michael Carter should also benefit from his versatility in this offense. 

Overall, I think this Jets staff is a world of difference from what they had last year. I am not fading a team that is going in an entirely new direction, with a ton of new players, just because they were God-awful last year.  This offense is trending up and relatively inexpensive. These are the types of values that can push a good roster over the top. I’d bet almost all of these offensive pieces will gain value by this time next year. Now is the time to buy, I think training camp will inflate some of their ADPs. 

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