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Scott Fish Bowl 11 Live Blog

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DJ, Doug, Rod and Bonnie are participating in #SFB11 and will be keeping track of their picks as they make their way through the draft. Doug is picking 1.02 in the Aerosmith division, DJ has the 1.03 in the Eagles, Rod has the 1.06 in Dave Matthews and Bonnie is picking at 1.07 in the Pink Floyd Division.

First Round

Doug 1.02: Who I took: Patrick Mahomes, QB, Kansas City. Who I also considered: Christian McCaffrey, RB, Carolina. Insight: I mocked under the assumption that the person with the 1.01 would take either Mahomes or Travis Kelce. He decided to throw me a curve ball at 9:01 a.m. before my brain turned on. Once I came to my senses, Patty was the logical choice.

DJ 1.03: Who I Took: Travis Kelce, TE, Kansas City. Who I Also Considered: Josh Allen or Kyler Murray. Insight: The point per first down made both Allen and Murray very intriguing, but the mixture of TE Premium and me being a massive homer made this a slam dunk for Kelce.

Rod 1.06: Who I Took: Travis Kelce, TE, Kansas City. Who I Also Considered: Kyler Murray, Justin Herbert or Derrick Henry. Insight: With the SFB being more generous to tight ends, having one of the top three at the position is a must. The fact that the very best in the league at the position was still on the board at pick-six made this a relatively easy choice. No other position has the kind of drop-off the tight end position does, so snagging the top option made sense. I could live without a Top 5 quarterback so passing on Murray and Herbert did not make me uncomfortable. As much as I really did consider pulling the trigger on Henry, I just couldn’t let Kelce slip past me.

Bonnie 1.07: Who I took: Lamar Jackson, QB, BAL. Who I Also Considered: No one. Going into this draft, I knew I was taking one of the Top 5 QBs (Mahomes, Allen, Murray, Prescott or Jackson), and Lamar was the only one who fell to me. Quarterbacks are your bread and butter in this Superflex scoring system, especially mobile quarterbacks, who are awarded a point for every first down.

Second Round

Bonnie 2:06: Who I took: Nick Chubb, RB, CLE. Who I considered: No one else. Chubb was the best available RB on the board and I wanted an anchor RB. Cleveland has the third-best schedule for running backs this season. Not to mention they have one of the most respected offensive lines (and the highest paid) in the league. I couldn’t smash the draft button fast enough.

Rod 2.07: Who I Took: Aaron Jones, RB, Green Bay. Who I Also Considered: Tyreek Hill or Ryan Tannehill. Insight: There was a mini run at the running back position at the turn just before my pick. Saquon Barkley, Derrick Henry, Nick Chubb, and Jonathan Taylor all got drafted in the three picks before mine. It became clear that if I wanted a Top 10 running back, it was now or never. My belief is that no matter who takes the snaps at Lambeau this season, Jones will get his. There are so many extra points up for grabs in this league for all sorts of reasons. The type of volume he will see this season makes him a valuable player in the SFB. Passing on Hill was hard, but the wideout position is deep and I already had one of KC’s top pass catchers. Passing on Tannehill was harder as I suspected a run on QBs could be coming soon. I just have to hope he’ll fall to me in the next round.

DJ 2.10: Who I Took: Antonio Gibson, RB, Washington. Who I Considered: Adams, Pitts, Rodgers, Akers. Insight: Without knowing anything about Rodger’s status with GB, it really limits my confidence in spending the 22nd pick on either him or Adams. I think I gambled a bit on Gibson but he could be a steal at 2.10 if he plays even like a CMC-lite.

Doug 2.11: Who I Took: Aaron Jones, RB, Green Bay. Who I considered: Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay, Austin Ekeler, RB, LA Chargers. Insight: I had Rodgers staring me in the face when the time came and I was really hoping that someone would have taken the choice out of my hands. I still get the feeling that he’s really going to sit out, and I just couldn’t draft someone who won’t play with my second-rounder. On top of that, I didn’t really want to wait until 3.11 to take a running back. I know what Jones gives me if Rodgers plays, and I expect those numbers to climb if he doesn’t.

Third Round

Bonnie 3.06: Who I took: Kyle Pitts, TE ATL. Who I also considered: I had a plan going in, and it was to snag either Pitts or TJ Hockenson in this pseudo tight end premium format. The reason is because of one commonality among the rosters of the top 5 Scott Fish Bowl teams last season, and that was Darren Waller. Last year, I believe Waller’s ADP was 6th or 7th round. At that ADP, it allowed fantasy managers to load up on studs at other positions first, resulting in more competitive rosters. Hockenson was still available when it was my turn to pick, but I felt that Pitts, who is really a wide receiver with a tight end designation, has the best chance to be this year’s Waller.

Rod 3.07: Who I Took: Kirk Cousins, QB, Minnesota. Who I Also Considered: No one. Insight: Spoiler alert, Tannehill did not fall to me in the third like I’d hoped he would. Instead, he got picked four spots before my turn and I was left staring at a sea of some non-attractive QB1s. Cousins was about the last of the palatable starting quarterbacks on my list, and I was pleasantly surprised that the pick ahead of me went with Matthew Stafford instead of my guy. League scoring awards 0.5 points per completion and takes away a full point for incompletions. So, I happily snatched up the seventh-ranked signal-caller in terms of completion percentage. His interceptions are worrisome, but I’ll risk it to not have to rely week to week on the likes of Joe Burrow, Carson Wentz, or Matt Ryan.

DJ 3.10: Who I Took: Davante Adams, WR, Green Bay. Who Else I Considered: Ryan, Jefferson. Insight: Like I said at 2.10, I was considering Adams, but the Rodgers situation sketched me out. 3.10 seems like a bargain for Adams, but also where I may have gotten Gibson. Like the idea of grabbing a stud at three different positions at this point in the draft.

Doug 3.11: Who I took: Chris Carson, RB, Seattle. Who I considered: Joe Burrow, QB, Cincinnati and Matthew Stafford, QB, LA Rams. Insight: At the 3/4 turn I knew I wanted to come away with a QB and a RB. I was targeting Carson here and decided to let the universe pick my QB for me.

Fourth Round

Doug 4.02: Who I took: Joe Burrow, QB, Cincinnati: The guy behind me did what I hoped, as he snagged Stafford and Nuk Hopkins with his two selections. That gave me the green light to snag Burrow. Now I can start working on my pass-catchers unless value falls at RB/QB.

DJ 4.03: Who I Took: Justin Jefferson, WR, Minnesota. Who Else I Considered: Ryan. Insight: The original plan/hope here was to go QB. But, with a stud like Jefferson still available, I felt like I couldn’t miss that chance. Having Kelce, Adams, and Jefferson all on the same team excites me. Now the long wait is upon us.

Rod 4.06: Who I Took: Calvin Ridley, WR, Atlanta. Who I Also Considered: DeAndre Hopkins. Insight: Once again, I was caught in the middle of a positional run just before my turn. Early in the round, I was in between taking Ridley or D.K. Metcalf. During the early part of the round, someone took Metcalf, which took that decision out of my hands. I then turned my attention to Hopkins or Ridley. What finally made up my mind was that so many of Julio Jones’s targets last season would filter to Ridley. This could easily elevate him into the Top 3 wide receivers this season. Hopkins is also in that conversation, but I just went with my gut here that Ridley will have the bigger year when it’s all said and done.

Bonnie 4.07: Who I took: Keenan Allen, WR, LAC. Who I also considered: AJ Brown and running backs. This is the first time I veered off my draft plan as I wanted to take a second running back here, but wide receivers were flying off the board. Also, I like an elite player at each position if possible. I felt AJ Brown was the upside pick and that Keenan Allen had a more solid floor. Brown’s knee problems and the addition of Julio Jones to the team have cooled me off of him a little bit, so I selected Allen. He’s a beast in this format, with points added for each reception and receiving first down. I felt affirmed about this decision after SiriusXM radio’s fantasy analyst Jeff Radcliff virtually said the same thing when he compared the two on the air this morning.

Fifth Round

Bonnie 5.06: Who I took: Trevor Lawrence, QB, JAX. Who else I considered: running backs. Again, I wanted to secure a second running back, but a mini QB run occurred right before my turn. I read the room (aka, checked the draft board) and realized that five teams that also needed a second QB were each going to pick twice ahead of me. With QBs being so valuable in this league and Lawrence still available, I pulled the trigger. I’m hoping he’s this year’s Josh Allen.

Rod 5.07: Who I Took: Daniel Jones, QB, New York Giants. Who I Also Considered: Mike Evans, Ben Roethlisberger. Insight: Drafting is all about watching that player you hope falls to you get snatched up within a few picks of your turn. I was set to grab Baker Mayfield here, but the person three picks in front of me had the same idea. So, as I evaluated my QB2 situation and saw Jones, Big Ben, Trevor Lawrence, and Jameis Winston staring back at me, I pulled the lever on Danny Dimes. For the record, I’m trying my best to convince myself this was the right pick and that Jones will have a breakout 2021 season. Truth be told, this was a desperation pick as viable options started to dry up around me.

DJ 5.10: Who I Took: Matt Ryan, QB, Atlanta. Who Else I Considered: No one. Insight: Like my last two picks, I was fortunate enough to be able to grab one of my previous targets. I was nervous heading into the 4-5 turn with three of my league mates also not having quarterbacks, but Ryan made it back to me. The manager picking at 4, who sniped me with his pick of Wilson in the second, took Trevor Lawrence with the 5.09.

Doug 5.11: Who I Took: Julio Jones, WR, Tennessee Titans. Who Else I Considered: All the wide receivers. Insight: I was hoping to land Michael Thomas and Julio but MT got sniped one pick before me so I snagged my guy here.

Sixth Round

Doug 6.02: Who I Took: Keenan Allen, WR, LA Chargers. Who Else I considered: The Bengals WR. Insight: I’ve never been a Keenan Allen truther, but he was good value here. I thought about reaching for the Cincy WRs, but I will gamble and see if one makes it back to me at the 7/8. Still, I’m very pleased with my first six picks.

DJ 6.03: Who I Took: Julio Jones, WR, Tennessee. Who Else I Considered: Mayfield, McLaurin. Insight: I really didn’t know what I was going to do with this pick until I was on the clock. Josh Jacobs was an immediate instinct of mine as I ended up with him in every mock I had done, but he went at 5.11, saving me from that fate. At least now Doug and I have one mutual rooting interest this season.

Rod 6.06: Who I Took: Chris Godwin, WR, Tampa Bay. Who I Also Considered: Josh Jacobs or Chase Edmonds. Insight: Looking for a true WR2, I was confident that Godwin would be able to provide that kind of return on this investment. He was almost in WR1 territory last season were it not for his four missed games. Guys like Julio Jones, Adam Thielen, and D.J. Moore were still there. That said, each has too many variables compared to Godwin, who will slide right back into basically the same championship situation he was in last season. Locking up another running back did cross my mind more than a few times. It came down to the opportunity to snag a borderline WR1 for the price of a WR2.

Bonnie: 6.07: Who I took: Javonte Williams, RB, DEN. Who I also considered: Myles Gaskin. My heart said Williams, my head said Gaskin, as Gaskin has the clearer path to volume. I’m 2 for 2 in making the playoffs in the SFB, so I decided to throw caution to the wind and went for the upside with Williams. I’m probably going to go after some veterans with my next few picks. At this point, I feel like I’m either going to win the damn thing or finish 5-8.

Seventh Round

Bonnie 7.06: Who I took: Ja’Marr Chase, WR, CIN. Who else I considered: I considered Cooper Kupp, as I wanted to add a piece of the LA Rams’ offense and another veteran to my squad. However, Kupp is a bit of an injury risk, and I really wanted Robert Woods instead, but he was unavailable. I’m a little concerned Chase is my fourth rookie out of seven selections, but he’s not a rookie you really want to fade. Maybe it’s my dynasty league bias, but it’s hard to pass on a receiver who’s being reunited with Joe Burrow, the quarterback he set records with at college. Three of the four rookies I drafted are the top at their positions in their class, so I can at least hang my hat on that.

Rod 7.07: Who I Took: Tyler Lockett, WR, Seattle. Who I Also Considered: Pretty much anyone else. Insight: This was the first actual difficult decision I was faced with so far in the draft. There were several ways I could have gone with this pick, including going back for my second running back, which is almost what I did. Chase Edmonds was on the board, and Melvin Gordon was on the board. Even Leonard Fournette was in the mix. But that’s not all. At the position, I drafted there were names I mulled over. Among them were D.J. Moore and Brandin Cooks. In the end, my decision came down to grabbing a seventh-round steal. Lockett has had back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons and broke the 100 reception mark in the process. He ranked 9th in the league as far as pass-catching. For someone who was once a WR1 on his team and still could be the top option on several other teams to fall to me this late? I’ll take it. Maybe Edmonds or even Ronald Jones will come back to me after the turn.

DJ 7.10: Who I took: Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Miami. Who Else I Considered: Goff. Insight: The quarterback situation got really murky all of sudden in our league. Nine quarterbacks – Carr, Roethlisberger, Mayfield, Lance, Fields, Wentz, Fitzpatrick, Watson, and Zach Wilson – went off the board between the time I took Ryan at 5.10 and taking Tua at 7.10. I liked Tua more than the next three QBs off the board – Goff, Darnold, and Jones – especially given the negative points for sacks and interceptions.

Doug 7.11: Who I took: Tyler Boyd, WR, Cincinnati. Who Else I Considered: No one. Insight: I was hoping that Ja’Marr Chase would fall to me so I could stack him with Burrow. I was not that lucky and had to settle for Boyd. For the record, I would not have taken Boyd if both were still on the board.

Eighth Round

Doug 8.02: Who I took: Diontae Johnson, WR, Pittsburgh. Who Else I Considered: Tyler Lockett, WR, Seattle. Insight: I knew I wanted two WRs here. Normally, I would go with Lockett, but Johnson had such a strong year in 2020, plus I like to shake things up a bit. Looking ahead I’ll be trying to find a QB3 and RB3 that I don’t feel gross about drafting.

DJ 8.03: Who I Took: Dallas Goedert, TE, Philadelphia. Who Else I Considered: A slew of running backs. Insight: As I expected, RB also got really murky really quick. Travis Etienne, who was taken at the beginning of the seventh round, was the 26th running back off the board. So I will be searching for my RB2 again at 9.10 and 10.02.

Rod 8.06: Who I Took: Ronald Jones, RB, Tampa Bay. Who I Also Considered: Brandin Cooks, Raheem Mostert. Insight: I struggled with this one. A lot. To have Cooks sitting here this late in a draft is a sin. He was a 1,000-yard receiver in 2020 and is now without Will Fuller V alongside him. His stock should only go up, right? That’s what I thought too. But, you know when you go into the store knowing you only need one thing and get distracted by something you want? Well, I absolutely knew I needed an RB2 seeing as the options were starting to look thin. I knew with Ridley, Godwin, and Lockett already on my team, grabbing Cooks would be selfish. So I did the responsible thing and grabbed Jones. Being a grown-up sucks. 

Bonnie 8.07: Who I took: Courtland Sutton, WR, DEN. Who Else I Considered: No one, really. Insight: At this point, I really wanted my WR3, and Sutton was one of my targets going into drafts this year. I believe he’s still the alpha dog in Denver. He’s fully recovered from his ACL injury, had an undeniably successful rookie year, and has proven he’s quarterback-proof. His value will skyrocket if the team acquires the services of Aaron Rodgers.

Ninth Round

Bonnie: 9:06: Who I took: Trey Sermon, RB, SF. Who else I considered: Chase Edmonds, Michael Carter. Insight: I thought I would land Chase Edmonds as my RB3 but was sniped just a pick away. That one hurt. I was then contemplating between Sermon and Carter, as both are positioned to overtake the starting gig at some point for their respective teams. I settled on Sermon as he plays for the better team, and they love to run the ball. Besides, Raheem Mostert is already dealing with an injury (again), and Jeff Wilson will be out for a good portion of the season with an injury of his own.

Rod 9.07: Who I Took: Brandin Cooks, WR, Houston. Who I Also Considered: Not a single soul. Insight: Apparently the uncertainty of who will be throwing him the ball has made Cooks a fantasy pariah. My 8th round dilemma turned into my round 9 gift. I am not scared of his quarterback situation this season. The fact that I could still snag a number one receiver at this position is an absolute no brainer. I was beyond thrilled to be able to lock in a fourth solid wideout. 

DJ 9.10: Who I Took: James Robinson, RB, Jacksonville. Who Else I Considered: A slew of other running backs. Insight: I don’t feel very comfortable with Robinson as my RB2, but this is where we are. Even with Etienne in the mix, if Robinson can be a portion of what he was last year, I will be okay with my team stacked at WR and TE.

Doug 9.11: Who I took: Leonard Fournette, RB, Tampa Bay. Who Else I Considered: Brandin Cooks, WR, Houston and Jarvis Landry, WR, Cleveland, other quarterbacks. Insight: I felt like the drop from Fournette to the next RB was big enough that I needed to land him here. My division burned through the 9th round so fast the guy who picks behind me, who has pre-drafted up to this point, didn’t have time to get those set.

Tenth Round

Bonnie 10.07: Who I took: Marquis Brown, WR, BAL. Who Else I Considered: Several other WRs including Jarvis Landry. Insight: I think Hollywood was miscast as the go-to receiver in this offense, so the addition of rookie Rashod Bateman should help open things up for him. It may result in fewer targets, but the ones he sees should be more impactful. If Hollywood can pick up where he left off last season, he’s going to be gold. Besides, I want to stack him with Lamar.

Doug 10.02: Who I took: Jarvis Landry, WR, Cleveland. Who Else I Considered: Cooks, other RBs. Insight: I decided that a good WR is better than a mediocre RB. Landry is the alpha for the Browns and has plenty of point potential.

DJ 10.03: Who I Took: Michael Carter, RB, New York Jets. Who Else I Considered: No One. Insight: I like Carter’s upside, especially with Lamical Perine and Tevin Coleman as the only running backs in front of him on the depth chart. Carter was my second target when I grabbed Robinson, so I was happy that he was still here four picks later.

Rod 10.06: Deebo Samuel, WR, San Francisco. Who I Also Considered: Cole Beasley. Insight: At some point I know I need to go back to the running back well. That said, I am a 49ers fan and love Samuel. I didn’t plan on going back-to-back wide receiver here, but I have a feeling I won’t be disappointed with this choice. I did have a brief moment of pause to consider Beasley given his usage and situation. But, I ended up going with my heart here and I’m not even sorry about it.   

Eleventh Round

Bonnie 11.06: Who I took: Adam Trautman, TE, NO. Who I also considered: Irv Smith, Jr. Insight: We all thought Smith would be the guy in Minnesota with Kyle Rudolph no longer in town. But rumor has it the Vikings like and plan to use their other tight end, Tyler Conkin, just as much. We may have had a foreshadowing last season of what to expect. The two saw pretty even numbers when Rudolph was out with an injury for the final four games. Instead, I’ll take my chances with Trautman as my TE2. He only has to contend with Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara for targets and is an excellent breakout candidate.

DJ 11.10: Who I Took: Evan Engram, TE, New York Giants. Who Else I Considered: No One. Insight: Engram would have been my pick in the 10th round if I wasn’t in desperate need of a third running back. We are in the spot where my 2 QBs, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, and 1 TE spots are filled, so I am going BPA (at least in my head) the rest of the way to fill out the #SFB11 flex spots.

Doug 11.11: Who I took: Zach Ertz, TE, Philadelphia. Who Else I Considered: Other TEs. Insight: I knew this is where I wanted to land a TE and was happy to find Ertz waiting for me.

Twelfth Round

Doug 12.02: Who I took: Rob Gronkowski, TE, Tampa Bay. Who Else I considered: RBs, Other TEs. Insight: I thought about another RB here, and I have my eye on another TE, but I’m hoping he’ll make it back to me. I like the TD upside of Gronk even if he misses a few games.

DJ 12.03: Who I Took: Jarvis Landry, WR, Cleveland: Who Else I Considered: Leonard Fournette. Insight: I was doomed to get a second player that Doug had drafted and I got him two rounds later. I am well-versed in Landry hate and I believe he is still a 100 catches for 800 yards guy, but as WR4, I am willing to take that.

Bonnie 12:07: Who I took: Kenyan Drake, RB, LV. Who else I considered: QBs. Insight: I’m trying to wait on drafting my QB3 as I feel it’s too early to take a scrub I’ll probably only use for two BYE weeks. Drake’s fantasy value took a hit with a move to Las Vegas, but he should be featured more in the passing game than he was in Arizona and could often lineup as a receiver. The Raiders desperately need a No 2. option behind tight end Darren Waller, and Drake could fit the bill.

Thirteenth Round

Bonnie 13.06: Marvin Jones, WR, JAX. Who Else I Considered: Darnell Mooney. Insight: We could all very well be underestimating Jones this year. He was one of the first free agents to sign, reuniting him with former Lions OC Darrell Bevel. There are many mouths to feed in Jacksonville, but they didn’t give Jones a two-year $14.5 million deal to just be a mentor to their young receivers.

DJ 13.10: Marvin Jones, WR, Jacksonville. Who Else I Considered: Taysom Hill (puke), A couple other WRs. Insight: A lot of my mock drafts had me ending up with Jones. I am decently confident in ending up with a guy who has been successful everywhere he has been. I am not expecting him to be the Alpha for the Jags, but as my WR5, I think I can afford him to be the Omega.

Doug 13.11: Cole Kmet, TE, Chicago. Who Else I Considered: No one. Insight: This is the guy who I’ve been targeting for a few turns now. I think he’s a breakout candidate this year. I know I’ll take some heat for taking three TEs in a row, but I’m here for it.

Fourteenth Round

Doug 14.02: Alexander Mattison, RB, Minnesota. Who Else I Considered: Other RBs. Insight: Dalvin Cook tends to miss a couple of games each season and Mattison has proven himself to be more than capable when he gets his shot.

DJ 14.03: Devin Singletary, RB, Buffalo. Who Else I Considered: Classified. I am hoping to get one of these two targets in the next round and if my division mates read this (They Won’t), I don’t want to get sniped. Insight: It’s gotten very murky at just about every position in these parts. I’m again going to subject myself to Devin Singletary, which I know is a really bad idea. But sometimes (always), you need more than one warm body at running back.

Bonnie 14:07: Cam Newton, QB, NE. Who Else I Considered: Mac Jones, Teddy Bridgewater. Insight: This feels like a waste of a pick. Taking a QB this late is basically just to cover your other QBs’ BYE weeks. I contemplated punting on a third QB, however, before Newton contracted COVID-19 in Week 4 last year and despite being in a new system, he was the QB7 in fantasy. It’s possible he returns to some semblance of his former self with a full off-season in this system and a revamped receiving corps. Let’s hope he keeps the job at least until Week 8 in order to help me out.

Fifteenth Round

Bonnie: 15:06: Younghoe Koo, K, ATL. Who Else I Considered: RBs & WRs. Insight: I wasn’t kicker adverse going into this draft as there’s a point in this format where the elite kickers outperform players at other skill positions. The line I drew where kickers start becoming values was around WR60 and RB40-50. I didn’t like the other options here, so why not grab the top kicker in fantasy instead?

Doug 15.11: Kenny Gainwell, RB, Philadelphia. Who Else I Considered: QBs. Insight: I was looking to add to my RB depth and Gainwell was one of my favorites in this spring’s draft.

Sixteenth Round

Doug 16.02: Mecole Hardman, WR, Kansas City. Who Else I Considered: QBs. Insight: I wanted a WR to stack with Mahomes, but all the big names were gone, so I had to bide my time for Hardman.

Bonnie 16:07: Darrel Williams, RB, KC. Whose Else I considered: Damien Williams. Insight: I think Darrel Williams will have decent stand-alone value this year as the backfield is pretty barren behind Clyde Edwards Helaire. With Lev Bell and Damien Williams out of town, Darrel will have incredible upside if CEH were to miss time.

Seventeenth Round

Bonnie 17:06: Who I took: Emmanuel Sanders, WR, BUF. Who else I considered: No one. I’ve always liked Manny, and his season could be more fruitful than last with more steady QB play on his new team. Besides, the Bills’ brass targeted him in free agency, so he has a real shot at being the No. 2 behind Stefon Diggs in this offense.

Doug 17.11: Rodrigo Blankenship, K, Indianapolis. Who Else I Considered: Like everyone. Seriously. Insight: There are no right answers in the 17th round, you have to plug your nose and hope for the best. With that said, as I told DJ before the SFB got rolling, I’d rather roll the dice with a kicker that’s going to average 12-15 points/week as a bye week fill-in, versus an RB4 who’ll get me 5 or is super TD dependent.

Eighteenth Round

Bonnie 18:07: Who I took: OJ Howard, TE, TBB. Who else I considered: No one. Insight: Howard was a late-round target of mine and I needed a third tight end since the two I already rostered share the same Bye week. Rather than seeing his production diminished by the arrival of tight-end Rob Gronkowski last season, Howard thrived in two-TE sets. He was the team’s third-leading receiver and ahead of Gronkowski before suffering an Achilles injury in Week 4.

Doug 18.02: Marquez Valdes-Scantling, WR, Green Bay. Who Else I Considered. Again, everyone, it’s bad. Insight: Someone has to be the WR2 in Green Bay. MVS has shown big-play ability and a connection with Rodgers in the past.

Nineteenth Round

Bonnie: 19:06: Who I took: Devantae Booker, RB, NYG. Insight: Right around this time last year, I was worried about Todd Gurley’s knees (with good reason), and it seemed like no one would listen. This year, I’m getting the same feeling about Saquon Barkley, and so far, reports about his recovery time haven’t been rosy. Since the picks this late are dart throws anyway, why not grab Barkley’s backup? Booker could start a few games this season and I like free points.

Doug 19.11: Who I took: Andy Dalton, QB, Chicago. Who Else I Considered: No one. Insight. I needed some kind of QB3 and Matt Nagy has been adamant that Dalton will be the Week 1 starter. My gamble will be how long he lasts.

Twentieth Round

Doug 20.02: Who I took: Jakobi Meyers, WR, New England. Who Else I Considered: Everyone else. Insight: How slim are the pickings in Round 20? Read my next words very carefully: I was sniped from Tyrod Taylor. Sniped. And I was irritated (Still might be). Much like MVS, someone has to catch balls from Cam Newton.

Bonnie: 20:07: Who I took: Dan Arnold, TE, CAR. Insight: Arnold reunites with former New Orleans Saints coach Joe Brady, who is Carolina’s offensive coordinator. Not sure Arnold is a breakout candidate, but at 6″5,” all he has to do is stand in the endzone to score a touchdown.

Twenty-First Round

Bonnie: 21.06: Who I took: Marquez Callaway, WR, NO. Insight: Callaway flashed in his limited opportunities during his rookie season and has a real shot at the WR2 job. The popular belief is that fourth-year receiver Tre’Quan Smith will take hold of that role, but it seems that should’ve happened by now. There have been some whispers that the wide receiver to roster behind Michael Thomas for fantasy is actually Callaway.

Doug 21.11: Who I took: Tyler Heincke, QB, Washington. Who Else I Considered: Davis Mills, QB, Houston. Insight: I threw a bunch of guys in the queue since I was going to be out of the house in the morning that day. If Ryan Fitzpatrick flames out, Heincke has a chance to get some reps.

Twenty-Second Round

Doug 22.02: Who I took: D’Wayne Eskridge, WR, Seattle. Who Else I Considered: Other dudes in my queue. Insight: I let fate decide my final pick and she chose the rookie wideout.

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