For Frequency Sake Fantasy Football Elijah Mitchell- A Film Review

Elijah Mitchell- A Film Review

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Name :  Elijah Mitchell 

School:   Louisiana Ragin Cajuns

Size:   5’11″/ 218 Lbs

I Rate all RB’s on a scale of 1-10

  • Footwork: 5
  • Vision: 5
  • Patience: 6
  • Elusiveness: 6
  • Contact Balance: 5
  • Break Tackle Ability (when a defender has a hand on him):  8
  • Game Speed: 7
  • Burst: 8
  • Hands: 7
  • Route Running: 8.5
  • Run Toughness: 9

I also tally the following:

Snaps: 105

Successful Stiff Arms: 2

Successful Spin Moves: 1

Trucks: 5

Shed Tackles (Mainly Arm Tackles): 23

Evaded Tackles: 14

Pass Block Losses: 1

Pass Block Wins: 8

Fall Forwards: 30

College Stats:

2018: 145 Att./ 977 Yards/ 6.7 YPC/ 13 TDs

2019: 198 Att./ 1,147 Yards/ 5.8 YPC/ 15 TDs

2020: 141 Att./ 878/ 6.2 YPC/ 8 TDs

Career Receiving: 49 Rec./ 572 Yards/ 5 TDs

Summary/Fantasy Upside: 

He is a nice-sized back with some game-breaking speed and downhill toughness. If he’s drafted to a team with an underwhelming RB room, I feel he’s a steal at his current rookie draft ADP. He has nice hands and route tree as well. He gets a boost for PPR.

If he lands on a team like Miami or Atlanta I’d say he could be a flex. He’s a target of mine if I went with a modified zero RB strategy in the start-up draft. I’d pick anytime after 2.10 in a super flex league. 


Rushing Talent

  • Keeps feet pointed at where he’s going at all times pre-contact
  • His deceleration is above average but not elite
  • Shows the capability of dragging defenders with him
  • Has the ability to shed multiple defenders in one play and I do believe that trait will carry over in the NFL
  • He has phenomenal speed for his size
  • When he sees the crease he explodes through it
  • Decent lateral agility
  • Very hard to bring down in the second and third levels often taking DBs for a ride
  • Gets to full speed just after the second level
  • Can lower a nasty shoulder and invites contact
  • Keeps his feet moving at all times
  • Loses some momentum on contact and some balance- He lifts his leg at times and it slows him down 
  • If he has to move laterally before he hits the hole he is in trouble 
  • Can take punishment and bounce off 
  • It was a reoccurring thing on film that he falls awkwardly 
  • Sticks his foot in the ground and gets North and South quickly
  • He beats up on DBs 
  • When going north and south he is a master accelerator 
  • He certainly may struggle to get to the outside in the NFL
  • Has enough speed to score from anywhere
  • Usually makes the first guy miss
  • There will be DBs who can catch up to him, even on breakaways 
  • He holds the ball the correct way for proper ball security
  • Sets up jukes nicely in the open field
  • Passionate runner 
  • He has solid footwork but there’s room for improvement
  • Efficient with his movements and doesn’t waste energy or time
  • Gets vertical after a cut very quickly and it is a smooth transition 
  • He has enough burst to beat an unblocked man to the hole
  • Possesses a nasty, well-timed stiff arm 
  • When he knows he’s out of options he makes the defensive player pay for the tackle physically
  • Has a very good burst through the hole
  • Always finishes runs
  • Used to wearing defenses down because they have to cover all of the field and his physicality
  • Nice footwork in tight spaces
  • Can run a little too tall at times
  • Smooth runner in and outside his cuts
  • Utilizes a lot of hesitation on interior defensive lineman
  • Usually drags a tackler or two with him 
  • Good momentum manipulation in tight spaces
  • Can get the tough yards that no one else wants
  • Needs to get skinnier in the hole sometimes
  • Sheds 3 tacklers in one play on a 4th and 1 against UAB, in 2020
  • Has above-average contact balance


  • His vision can use some TLC, especially his peripheral vision so he can bounce to the outside more frequently
  • Reads blocking leverage correctly
  • Vision at the goaline can be concerning. He runs into lineman down there 
  • He sets up his blocks well on stretch plays, waiting to turn it north and south until the last second 
  • He dealt with a lot of early penetration in college and I think he will deal with messy NFL backfields well because of it 
  • He takes what the defense gives him and doesn’t sacrifice yards trying to do too much 
  • He’s got good attributes for a closer- good ball security and wearing 
  • Committed to run designs sometimes to a fault


  • Beats LBs clean in curl/flat option routes out of the backfield
  • Gets to flat in a hurry as an outlet
  • Reads zone coverages well
  • Has quick and dependable hands
  • Should be a matchup problem in the NFL
  • Can run almost all routes


  • Was mainly asked to chip block in this offense which he did successfully 
  • Held his own when he did stay in to block
  • It could be a problem in the NFL because you did see him lose ground at times
  • Comfortable transitioning from blocking to running the route
  • Picks up correct assignment from what I could tell

OVERALL:  73/100

RB Type:  Power runner with a receiving threat

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