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For Fantasy Sake Rookie SuperFlex Draft

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The FFSQC crew is back in the mock draft lab again. This time we’re turning our focus to the Superflex end of things. We went four rounds with a bonus pick at the end because Doug couldn’t let someone get short-changed from a seventh pick.

The drafters:

  • Scott Acquard: @FF_Fire911
  • DJ Jarvis: @Deej_Jarvis
  • Doug Green: @doogie448
  • Linda Godfrey: @lindellions
  • James Vecchio: @whatmoney3000
  • Michael Sicoli: @Michael_Sicoli
  • Rod Villagomez: @rjvillagomez

First Round

1.01 – Scott: Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson: Too easy of a choice for me. I think it’s possible Fields becomes better but you can always trade.
1.02 – DJ: Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida: This likely becomes the San Fran QB after the draft. But, for now, I am making the safer pick in my eyes.
1.03 – Doug: Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State: Since Deej went crazy, I got gifted the 2nd best QB in the draft. He’s not that far behind Lawrence. Don’t overthink it.
1.04 – Linda: Ja’Marr Chase, WR, Louisiana State: A potential fantasy WR1 another situation in which you don’t overthink it
1.05 – James: Zach Wilson, QB, Brigham Young: You don’t pass on top QB in SF leagues. With no other roster context give me the best floor & that’s a QB
1.06 – Michael: Najee Harris, RB, Alabama: A difference-making RB at this spot is a no-brainer. Rather than bank on a project like Lance or the next WR like Smith, I’ll take the sure thing in Harris.
1.07 – Rod: Jaylen Waddell, WR, Alabama: Should the Eagles choose to take Waddell as most suspect they will, this is easily a pick that has the most potential production prospects right out of the gate. Even if he lands elsewhere, he’s more like to put up better numbers in his rookie season than almost every quarterback on the board.
1.08 – Scott: Terrace Marshall, WR, Louisiana State: He will be a security blanket for his QB and the speed for a home run at any point.
1.09 – DJ: Trey Lance, QB, North Dakota State: My gamble with Pitts paid off, I get the potential generational TE and my QB3 in the same draft.
1.10 – Doug: Devonta Smith, WR, Alabama: If I got Smith here, I would do all kinds of happy dances, and you do NOT want to see that
1.11 – Linda: Rashod Bateman, WR, Miami: My WR3 at a WR4 value. NFL ready, can play slot and out wide.
1.12 – James: Mac Jones, QB, Alabama Look, I’m in agreement that he’s not a top-tier QB, but plenty of people thought that about Herbert/Lamar. In SF, just give me a top 10 pick QB at 1.12 and I don’t really care about anything.

Second Round

2.01 – Michael: Javonte Williams, RB, UNC: Nick Chubb-esque. With all the top QBs gone and my personal big-4 WRs out, taking my RB2 is a cinch
2.02 – Rod: Kadarius Toney, WR, Florida: Lately it feels as if wide receivers make a faster impact on teams. Toney has instant impact potential on just about any roster giving him stash appeal for when he manages to break out.
2.03 – Scott: Elijah Moore, WR, Ole Miss: He’s shockingly good at Contested catches, a burner with his speed, and nice RAC ability. He also plays RB some. Oh….he’s good at releasing on the line also, and the fears of him getting pushed around are mainly unwarranted. He could even play outside I’d bet. 
2.04 – DJ: Rondale Moore, WR, Purdue: Moore could shoot up draft boards depending on where he lands in the draft. Not really concerned with the fact that he’s on 5’7. Reaching on Pitts gets me two value picks.
2.05 – Doug: Kenneth Gainwell, RB, Memphis: I think he could surprise people with how high he’ll go.
2.06 – Linda: Tylan Wallace, WR, Oklahoma St.: Between his catch radius, body control, and YAC ability, Tylan is one of my favorite WR prospects. He is a willing run blocker, which will help him to see more time on the field. Not to mention his contested catch rate. 
2.07 – James: Travis Etienne, RB, Clemson: This draft is the opposite of deep at RB, the top end is fine but the back end is disgusting, the top 5 RBs are the only ones I want to roster outside of final round lotto tickets, I’ll take Etienne and hope for the best landing spot.
2.08 – Michael: Amon-Ra St. Brown: Dependable, stud PPR machine. Love me USC WRs
2.09 – Rod: Trey Sermon, RB, Ohio St.: Odds are he will end up as part of a committee. Even still, if he ends up in the right committee, he could offer flex value or at the very least a bye week filler in his first season.
2.10 – Scott: Kyle Trask, QB, Florida: Good enough arm and very accurate. I’m fine with rolling the dice here in SF. 
2.11 – DJ: Chuba Hubbard, RB, Oklahoma St.: Love Chuba here. Could have taken Carter, but love Chuba’s potential. 
2.12 – Doug: Michael Carter, RB, UNC: Some think he’s as good or better than his buddy Williams. He’s not, but he’s not far off either. 

Third Round

3.01 – Linda: Nico Collins, WR, Michigan: 6’4 and fast for size, a reliable red zone target who is slowly working his way up my rankings board. 
3.02 – James: Pat Freiermuth, TE, Penn St.: This class is not deep at all at RB/WR, yet I can still get the #2 TE in Round 3? Sign me up
3.03 – Michael: Kylin Hill, RB, Mississippi St.: Good hands, good pass blocking can get him on the field early and often. Worth the upside of a three-down guy, even if it’s unlikely
3.04 – Rod: Dazz Newsome, WR, UNC: Every team needs a player that can turn two-yard screenplays into large gains. Newson has an explosive first step that is key to doing that. He will fit nicely with a team like Kansas City that features the wide receiver screen.
3.05 – Scott: Tamorrion Terry, WR, Florida St.: 6’4 and runs a 4.44. Sounds like a good educated guess in round 3. He also tested well at the broad jump and arm size. Too much athleticism to pass on at this point 
3.06 – DJ: Jamar Jefferson, RB, Oregon St.: Have him and Hill closely ranked. Jefferson could be a steal in the NFL and fantasy drafts this fall.
3.07 – Doug: Demetric Felton, RB, UCLA: This late in the game, it was BPA time.
3.08 – Linda: Amari Rodgers, WR, Clemson: Slot wide receiver with YAC upside, a little undersized but a WR i’m comfortable taking in the 3rd round
3.09 – James: Kellon Mond, QB, Mississippi St.: If my drafting pattern isn’t clear, I’ll state it here: I don’t like this RB/WR class. It’s not awful, but I’d rather take a QB lotto ticket in a SF than RB/WR, so give me Mond. He’s just as likely to get the top QB taken by NE/CHI/DEN/WFT as he is going anywhere else, I’ll buy the future with my taxi squad spots
3.10 – Michael: Brevin Jordan, TE, Miami: Athletic upside we would talk more about if Pitts wasn’t a thing. With a lot of my guys + Mond gone, I’ll swing on Jordan here
3.11 – Rod: Peyton Ramsey, QB, Northwestern: This is not a pick for 2021. Ramsey is likely to fall deep in this draft and is not going to get picked up by a quarterback-needy team. When he is able to start, his time as a backup will be just the seasoning he’ll need to be a standout someday soon.
3.12 – Scott: Elijah Mitchell, RB, Louisana Tech: Good size and has good speed. He has good hands and route tree too for a RB out of college. Perfect high upside pick late in drafts.

Fourth Round

4.01 – DJ: Dyami Brown, WR, UNC: Good playmaker with good hands. Landing spot could be key here
4.02 – Doug: Cade Johnson, WR, South Dakota St.: He’s a high upside lottery ticket, the kind I’m ok with gambling on here. 
4.03 – Linda: Anthony Schwartz, WR, Auburn: Home run speed with good ball tracking skills
4.04 – James: Khalil Herbert, RB, Virginia Tech: The last round of the draft is where you should go for lottery tickets that not only can hit but can hit big. I’ll ignore WRs because they take too long to fail, give me the best RB on my board, and that’s Herbert
4.05 – Michael: Jaret Patterson, RB, Buffalo: Fun to watch. The size is definitely a concern but the juice is real. Fourth round I’ll take the guy who passed the eye test
4.06 – Rod: Tutu Atwell, WR, Louisville: The term, “possession receiver,” usually carries a negative tone with it. But, sometimes you need a wideout who is reliable in the underneath routes to keep drives alive. Atwell fits this mold with the ability to break tendencies and run downfield routes as well. He will not likely be a number one on a team, but given enough volume on the short stuff, could be a solid PPR receiver sooner rather than later.
4.07 – Scott: Shi Smith, WR, South Carolina: I’m just targeting upside at this point and if he can get on a team in need of a slot, he offers that.
4.08 – DJ: Pooka Williams, RB, Kansas: Pooka is my backup/third-down back on my Madden franchise. Happy to have the lottery pick here, especially if he goes somewhere he can be a COP/3DRB.
4.09 – Doug: Davis Mills, QB, Stanford: It is a SF after all and he’s probably going to get taken by the Bears in the 1st anyway so YOLO.
4.10 – Linda: Evan McPherson, K, Florida: Doug said I could take a kicker – a three-year average of 85.5% FGs made and one missed XP in three years. If I had to guess he ends up in Cincy.
4.11 – James: Javian Hawkins, RB, Louisville: You’re trying to do more than find value here, you’re trying to hit a home run. If you draft a fringe player, you’re just wasting roster space. I’ll hope Hawkins his and when he doesn’t he’ll get cut quick. That’s the value of this pick.
4.12 – Michael: Rhamondre Stevenson, RB, Oklahoma: At this point, I’ll take a guy who should get some draft capital. He can secure goal-line and short-yard situations — has the size to do more. Was hoping to get Shi Smith or Pooka here, but I’ll take the big boy instead
*4.13 – Rod: Chris Evans, RB, Michigan: Evans may not look like a prototypical running back. That’s because he’s not. He has tools that translate to just about any situation a team needs. He can catch and run, he can hit a hole quickly and run, he has it all. He’ll be a late-round steal for any team willing to take a chance on him

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