For Frequency Sake Fantasy Football Mac Jones – A Film Review

Mac Jones – A Film Review

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Name: Mac Jones

Position: QB

School: Alabama

Size: 6-foot-3/ 214 lbs

I rate all QB’s on a scale of 1- 10 in the following areas:

  • Mechanics: 6
  • Anticipation: 7
  • Pocket Awareness/Presence: 7
  • Progression with Reads: 6
  • Football IQ: 7
  • Arm Power: 6
  • Accuracy (Ball Placement): 6
  • Attitude (Aggressive/Passion): 7
  • Ball Security: 6
  • Footwork: 8
  • Mobility:4

I also tally the following:


Good Ball Placement: Puts it where only defender can get it, right in stride, or the right place that allows the WR/RB to maximize his YAC.

Bad Ball Placement: Receivers have to stop, fully extend or lay out, or is an uncatchable ball

Throwing a Receiver Open: Was covered perfectly by defender and QB throws it to only spot where a completion can happen.

Checkdown: Nothing that is by design. No screens. Has to look for a receiver downfield first and then dump it short. If it looks like any blocking is setup for the short pass I do NOT count it, 

  • Snaps Watched: 100
  • Good Ball Placement: 60
  • Bad Ball Placement: 22
  • TDs off Blown Coverages: 0
  • Throwing A WR Open: 0
  • Checkdowns: 10
  • Looked Off Defenders: 4

OVERALL:  70/100

Fantasy Upside: A solid QB2 in a Super-Flex league. I don’t expect a lot of Top 10 finishes, 12 or worse is more realistic in my opinion. 

Summary: There is plenty of room for improvement watching Mac Jones. He is very inconsistent with his ball placement and reads. I would want him with Shanahan if I were going to draft him. That, or I’d hope he gets drafted to a loaded team. Does have the capability of making some great throws and does show the ability to be able to process defenses quickly, I’d just like to see him be able to do it at an average level or better more often. I wouldn’t take him until 1.08 or later in rookie drafts in Super Flex personally. 

Arm Talent 

  • Throws to spot receiver can get extra yards often 
  • Capable of throwing with incredible accuracy
  • Doesn’t possess a cannon of an arm
  • Can throw very accurately downfield 
  • Can throw some easy balls very inaccurately, especially with people at his feet
  • Capable of dropping balls in between a CB and safety in the perfect spot
  • Has solid arm power
  • Can be very streaky with ball placement
  • Throws with nice touch relative to the situation
  • In the Auburn game in 2020, you can see his downside throwing deep early in the first quarter. He was WAY off
  • Throws a good deep-middle ball
  • Can throw on the run with nice touch and accuracy at times
  • His weakness is certainly throwing deep- misses a lot of balls deep even when his receivers have their man beat by a few steps

Pocket Awareness

  • Didn’t sense pressure well in the Georgia game in 2020
  • Climbs pocket nicely when the DEs crash 
  • He can panic when people at are at his feet, sometimes going down when he doesn’t have to
  • He does have some wiggle in the pocket and slides well enough to buy himself some time. Just not very consistent with it
  • Usually had all day to throw behind Alabama’s line


  • Doesn’t panic if everyone is covered
  • Goes through reads and waits for correct throw to open up if he has the time
  • Finds holes in zones well
  • Great timing with his WRs most of the time
  • Throws into quadruple coverage vs. Ole Miss in 2020 while under pressure
  • He can be too slow with reads at times
  • Plays heads up more times than not
  • Capable of bad decisions when he has to act fast
  • Takes check downs too early
  • Going to be most efficient vs. zone coverage
  • Capable of throwing with great anticipation


  • Squares up with target quickly when firing
  • Mechanics look a lot like Tom Brady’s 
  • Has a nice quick release 
  • Sometimes he will throw with his feet moving and he can’t do that accurately
  • Can be a little flat-footed in the pocket
  • Can be very lazy when snapping his hips during the throw
  • Not a great follow through on his throws
  • Keeps non throwing arm tight to body, points his left foot at target and drags his right foot through the throw. Just needs to progress with his hips and arm follow through 

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