For Frequency Sake Fantasy Football Terrace Marshall Jr. – Friend or Foe?

Terrace Marshall Jr. – Friend or Foe?

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A Film Review

Name: Terrace Marshall Jr., WR

School: LSU 

Size: 6-3/ 200 Lbs

I rate all WRs on a 1- 10 scale. I rate them on the following:

  • Hands: 6
  • RAC Ability Overall: 4
  • Routes Overall: 6
  • Blocking: 7
  • Speed: 6.5
  • Strength: 8
  • Passion (Fight in the Dog): 6
  • Contested Catch Ability: 8
  • Route Tree Capability: 7
  • Line Of Scrimmage Ability: 5
  • Body Control: 6
  • Ball Tracking: 7

I also tally the following:

*Just from what I saw. These aren’t final stats in any way.


Successful contested grab = Less than 1 yard separation and a completed catch.

Broken Tackles – Anytime he gets past a would-be arm tackler for an extra 2 yards or more

Successful Spin Move – Spins, creating two or more extra yards.

Successful Stiff Arms – Throws a well-timed stiff arm that creates an extra 2 yards or more.

Successful Juke – Creates an extra 2 yards or more.

Routes Won – He generates 2 yards or more of separation.

Run Block Wins – Shows correct angle and allows his teammate to gain 2 yards and/or loses no ground to the defender in an engaged block. 

  • Snaps Watched: 254
  • Successful Contested Grabs: 13
  • Broken Tackles: 2
  • Successful Spin Move: 0
  • Successful Stiff Arms: 2
  • Successful Jukes: 1
  • Routes Won: 79
  • Run Block Wins: 15

Overall : 65  /100

Position: X/ Big Slot

Upside: A nice depth piece with TD upside

Summary:   He is a player who can sneak into the WR2 range on a weekly basis, but I don’t think he finishes in that range. I think he will be a WR3 and (as stated above) a nice depth piece for your team. 

I believe he will be trusted by QBs to come down with the ball on first downs and touchdowns. He will be on the field in the red zone almost certainly. At 6-foot-3 and 200 lbs he’s a big target down there, and he’s also very strong in both physicality and with his hands. He also has above average speed and can be a problem if left alone in the secondary.

Areas of concern for me is his LOS play and RAC. He does not counter the DBs well with his hands and does have some wasted foot movement. He does display some very nice moves at the line, but that isn’t a consistent trait that showed up. He also can give up on some routes if CB plays correct leverage against him. See my RAC section for my concerns in this area.

College Stats:

2018: 12 Rec/ 192 Yards/ 0 TDs

2019: 46 Rec/ 671 Yards/ 13 TDs 

2020: 48 Rec/ 731 Yards/ 10 TDs


Routes/LOS Skill included

  • Gets through contact (at times) with DBs quickly and finds the open area 
  • At this point I have only watched nine snaps and he has run five different route types
  • He can win deep vs. tight coverage
  • Uses his body to gain leverage advantage vs defenders
  • Has enough speed to separate on post routes after he breaks towards the end zone 
  • He’s a physical mismatch for most CBs
  • The defenses he played appeared to respect his deep game 
  • Runs a beautiful slant route 
  • Sets up short intermediate routes well with his hips and feet 
  • Keeps himself alive on plays that are extended
  • Can win vs press coverage with brute strength- he tossed an Alabama defender three yards back in their 2019 matchup
  • Reads blitzes and gets open 
  • Can use his feet well at the line, but inconsistent
  • He doesn’t have elite speed in college but he’s not slow either
  • Sometimes runs sloppy routes off the line and takes too much time
  • Can quit on routes if CB plays him with great leverage
  • Almost like a TE as far as how he wins sometimes
  • His route running did progress in 2020
  • Uses hands to create separation on deep shots
  • Has a nice inside/outside step vs inside leverage DB play to get himself vertical separation (inconsistent)
  • Displays a nice drop in speed when DBs are playing deep and he’s running a short to intermediate route
  • Finds soft spots in zones and quickly makes himself available to the QB 
  • He sometimes wastes foot movement at the line
  • When a DB gets hands on him he doesn’t do a great job with his hands countering
  • He will not require double teams  

Ball Skills

  • He will most likely be trusted to make a ton of possession receptions in tight coverage with his contested catch ability 
  • He goes up and attacks the ball rather than waiting for it to come to him which will be a positive for his chemistry with his QB 
  • Displays strong hands
  • Has a great “my ball” mentality
  • Takes his eyes off the ball sometimes before he actually catches it, which attributed to his drop problem in 2020
  • Vs. Miss. State in 2020 he showed good ball tracking skills on an underthrown inside post, catching it over the DB
  • Capable of circus catches with a DB all over him 


  • He can line up outside, in the slot, or an offset TE
  • I personally like him the best in the slot
  • He was lining up in the offset TE position (Tight) mostly in run plays
  • Since he’s so involved in run blocks he will probably be schemed open on PA by pretending to block and then running a quick route where he should be wide open 


  • Inconsistent run blocker
  • Lazy in run game at times
  • He is capable of some beautiful run blocks as well
  • Most effective at blocking in tight trips formations
  • He did get pushed around in the run game (sometimes hilariously) vs. Mississippi State
  • He’s good enough at blocking to not come off the field in run situations though


  • When left alone in secondary he is a problem and can make you pay
  • Not going to be a RAC machine by any means
  • He lacks lateral agility and will not be able to evade many tackles
  • If successful at RAC it will be strength and top end speed

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