For Frequency Sake Fantasy Football Kyle Pitts – My New Obsession

Kyle Pitts – My New Obsession

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A Film Review

Name: Kyle Pitts
School: University of Florida Gators
Position: Tight end
Size: 6’6/ 239 Pounds

I rate all TEs on a 1-10 scale. I rate them on the following:

  • Hands: 9
  • RAC Ability Overall: 8
  • Routes Overall: 9.5
  • Blocking: 9
  • Speed: 9.5 for a TE
  • Strength: 9
  • Passion (Fight in the Dog): 9
  • Contested Catch Ability: 9.5
  • Route Tree Capability: 9
  • Line Of Scrimmage Ability: 8
  • Body Control: 9
  • Ball Tracking: 8.5

I also tally the following:

*Just from what I saw. These aren’t final stats in any way.


  1. Successful contested grab = Less than 1 yard separation and a completed catch.
  2. Broken Tackles: Anytime he gets past a would-be tackler for an extra 2 yards or more
  3. Successful Run Block: He clears a hole for RB and RB gains another yard or more and/or he doesn’t get pushed back, or blown up.
  4. Successful Pass Block: He gives the QB enough time to throw, he doesn’t get pushed back affecting the throw, or miss his assignment.
  5. Routes Won: He generates 2 yards or more of separation.
  6. Pancakes: Knocks defender on his butt in either pass or run blocking.

Games Watched: 7

Successful Contested Grabs: 15

Broken Tackles: 13

Successful Run Blocks: 39

Successful Pass Blocks: 13

Routes Won: 46

Fumbles (Fumbles not lost counts here):  0

Pancakes: 4

Overall :  95 /100

Upside: He can be a Top 3 TE for nearly a decade. I’m not sure what other player I have personally studied who is as talented and as unstoppable as Kyle Pitts. He can line up as an X WR, Slot WR, Traditional TE, or wherever else they want to line him up. He’s a monster in the red zone, especially in goal to go situations.  If he ends up on an elite offense he will feast, but he is probably “QB proof. “ He can fit in any offense and be productive, immediately boosting any offense he lands on.

College Stats:

2018: 3 Rec./73 Yards/ 1 TD

2019: 54 Rec./ 649 Yards/ 5 TDs

2020: 43 Rec/ 770 Yards/ 12 TDs (8 Games)



  • Great speed for TE- Almost unbelievable
  • Finds the soft spots in the zones easily
  • Once he gets behind defenders he’s an absolute menace. Good luck catching him
  • Can pull away from all DBs with his speed
  • He was knocked off some routes vs. Georgia in 2019. They pressed him and assaulted him often- this may be his one weakness in passing game
  • Good feet at LOS
  • Comes back hard towards QB if he’s under duress 
  • Beats CBs with a mix of his route running and his physical dominance – Also uses his hands very well
  • His feet are quick at line
  • Can sometimes run away from secondary with EASE
  • Can run right by bracketed coverage – beats triangles too (safety over the bracketed coverage)
  • Great at finding where to get open during scramble drills
  • Can win routes at X position
  • Great at check and release- He makes an impactful check and then quickly gets open
  • Deadly with slant routes
  • Has a well timed and nasty stiff arm
  • Does a great job with his routes to open up a ton of green grass for the WRs to operate – immediate boost for all skill positions on whatever team he lands on
  • Good field awareness – knows where he is
  • Does a great job on inside routes, extending his arms to make the catch and uses his body to shield defenders from making a play on the ball (Trustworthy)
  • Great at working back to the ball in man coverage on the outside 
  • Reads his blockers well in RAC situations to gain as many yards as possible
  • A beast in goal to go situations
  • He stretches seams well – He actually rips the seams wide open for his QB (lol)

Ball Skills

  • Goes up and attacks ball – “My Ball” mentality 
  • Catches ball with hands and away from body when possible
  • Monster in red zone – Doubles do nothing with his size and strength
  • Great hand strength
  • Texas A&M triple teamed him at times and sometimes unsuccessfully – sells out for the ball
  • Can make circus catches
  • He beat a Georgia triple team for the ball in 2020
  • Sure handed – I didn’t see any terrible drops
  • Capable of  stretching for the ball in contested situations and maintaining possession after taking a big hit with his type of strength
  • Catches ball vs an Alabama triple team to keep drive and game alive in 2020
  • Top notch ball tracking skills
  • Vs Ole Miss in 2020 he beats double team in the end zone using his ball tracking, high pointing skills, and his power – nightmare to cover on jump balls 


  • Often uses good angles when run blocking
  • He can miss sometimes in run game but often uses correct leverage and quickness to take his assignment out of the play ultimately
  • Doesn’t mind running to block for a teammate after the catch
  • He took a lineman six yards out of the play vs Ole Miss in 2020
  • Quick enough to clean up bad angles he started with in run plays
  • Definitely going to boost a team’s run game
  • He’s always looking to hit someone when ball is not in his hands
  • Great in screen blocking assignments
  • Makes a ton of key blocks after the catch for his teammates 
  • Almost always pushes defender two yards back in either pass pro or run block
  • Great goal line blocking
  • Can win run blocks against DEs with great leverage.

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