For Frequency Sake Fantasy Football Jaret Patterson- A Film Review

Jaret Patterson- A Film Review

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Name : Jaret Patterson

School: University at Buffalo

Size: 5’9/ 195lbs

I Rate all RB’s on a scale of 1-10

Footwork: 9

Vision: 7

Patience:  6

Elusiveness: 9.5

Break Tackle Ability (when a defender has a hand on him): 7.5

Game Speed: 7.0

Burst: 7

Hands: N/A – Wasn’t really asked to catch but was on “Hands Team” for UB Bulls

Route Running: N/A

Run Toughness (Fight in the Dawg): 9

Ball Security : 9

I also tally the following:


Successful Stiff Arms: 8

Successful Spin Moves: 3

Trucks: 3

Shed Tackles (Mainly Arm Tackles):  25

Evaded Tackles: 32

Fumbles (Lost or not): 0

Pass Block Losses: 0

Pass Block Wins: 6

Fall Forwards: 31

College Stats:

2018: 183 Attempts/ 1,013 Yards/ 14 TDs

2019: 312 Attempts/ 1,799 Yards/ 19 TDs

2020: 141 Attempts/ 1,072 Yards/ 19TDs *5 Games Played


  • Sometimes in the hole I wish he hit the burners quicker
  • Great ability to get short gains on plays he should lose yards
  • He is incredibly shifty. Against the Akron Zips in 2020, he makes four tacklers miss at once with one move
  • It’s a rare occasion when he doesn’t fall forward
  • When the outside opens he gets to it and turns up field well
  • He doesn’t have elite level speed but he does have good game speed
  • Great change of direction during runs
  • He does pull away from DBs more times than not in the Secondary
  • Sometimes burst does seem elite, but not consistent in my opinion
  • He can get through microscopic creases
  • His nose for the endzone is at elite status
  • He sets up defenders for moves (hesitation, juke, stuff arm, etc.) well
  • Tough as they come pound for pound
  • Houdini in the hole- this could never be overstated
  • He has a nice cut back when intended hole closes
  • He was not used in the passing game but he showed good hands on an onside kick. I think he could be used in passing game
  • Even when the entire stadium knows he’s getting the ball, he will still find a way to score on “and goal” situations
  • He’s almost always the best player on the field- as he should be in the MAC as a NFL prospect
  • Does whatever needs to be done in short yardage
  • Very good pass blocker
  • High Motor- finishes every play

OVERALL:  75/100

RB Type: A 1B type of RB- Will never be a feature. Phillip Lindsay/Singletary with more upside

Jaret Patterson was absolutely electric with his time on the UB Bulls. He made play after play. I laughed watching some of the man’s tape after breaking multiple defender’s ankles and then trucking another, to finish the play. He was the first RB since Ricky WillIams to have back to back 300+ yard games. He also never fumbled. Not one time in 636 carries. We know NFL coaches will love that. 

I don’t ever expect Jaret Patterson to be a feature back. I also don’t think he needs 25 carries per game to be a valuable fantasy asset. He is a play-maker through and through. He does remind me of Devin Singletary but way more upside in my opinion. If he gets a good offensive line in front of him, he can be a great fantasy asset. I would take him 2.12 or later in Dynasty rookie drafts. The upside he presents in a NFL offense makes me comfortable taking him there. He’s going to have his boom game as a rookie, where you can easily sell in the worst case scenario. 

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