For Frequency Sake Fantasy Football Jaylen Waddle – A Film Review

Jaylen Waddle – A Film Review

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Jaylen Waddle

  • School: Alabama
  • Size: 5’10 / 182 lbs

I rate all WRs on a 1- 10 scale. How I rate Waddle on the following:

  • Hands: 8
  • RAC Ability Overall: 9
  • Routes Overall: 8.5
  • Elusiveness: 7
  • Speed: 9.5
  • Strength: 5
  • Passion (Fight in the Dawg): 8
  • Contested Catch Ability: 7
  • Route Tree Capability: 9.5
  • Line Of Scrimmage Ability:  8

I also tallied him on the following: (*Just from what I saw. These aren’t final stats in any way.)

Games Watched:  7

Successful Contested Grabs: 6

Broken Tackles: 16

Successful Spin Moves: 1

Successful Stiff Arms: 0

Successful Juke Moves: 10

Routes Won: 45

Fumbles (Fumbles not lost counts here): 0

Overall :  80 /100

Slot/X Position: Can play either but at his size I imagine that slot will be his most productive position.

Upside: Top 25

College Stats:

2018: 45 Catches/848 Yards/7 TDs

2019: 33 Catches/560 Yards/6 TDs

2020: 28 Catches/591 Yards/4 TDs   ***5 GP


  • He was a very good kick returner. I watched about 10 of his returns
  • He’s a good blocker in screen and run game
  • Elite speed 
  • He reads blocks very well after the catch
  • Great runner after the catch as well. Possibly elite after the catch
  • He has good footwork at the line of scrimmage
  • Lines up all over the field and was used a ton in motion for Alabama
  • Was used in Jet Sweeps
  • Can run good routes out of the backfield as well
  • Separates great on out routes which helps a lot of QBs
  • Does struggle with bump and run
  • Deadly in the flat after the catch 
  • I do think he is capable of winning outside, but his size worries me out there
  • His route running will be elite with coaching
  • He’s capable of taking  a 7-yard hitch to the house after breaking tackles and then using his deadly speed to score tuddys
  • Has some beautiful toe taps on film
  • He smoked a few CBs with the double move
  • Used in Tap Passes
  • Gritty WR
  • Defenses often rolled to his side opening up other teammates, big time – Can make teammates better
  • Sits down in zones well and remains open
  • He’s sometimes 10 yards behind a CB downfield 
  • Legs always moving after the catch
  • Can beat double teams
  • I doubt he can be taken away one on one with his speed
Where I’d take him in a rookie draft

 I think I’d take him 1.12 or later in a SuperFlex league. Ultimately, there is a considerable drop-off from Ja’Marr Chase and DeVonta Smith. Waddle has all the tools, but I am worried if he doesn’t play in the slot. He plays tough, but physically he is limited. Definitely a very talented WR available late in the first round. 

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