For Frequency Sake Fantasy Football Islands in the Stream Week 13

Islands in the Stream Week 13

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Diving into Week 13 and if you’re streaming still, these are crucial decisions especially if you’re trying to lock up a playoff spot. If you listen to me on these starts and they go poorly, please know that I am suffering along with you as I would never tell you to play someone I don’t have the balls to play.

Quarterback: Kirk Cousins vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (40% rostered on Yahoo!). Jacksonville is the 3rd least effective defense against quarterbacks this year allowing an average of 22.3 points to fantasy quarterbacks. The Jags defense isn’t known for creating lots of turnovers and Kirk’s type of play should thrive in that environment. Should the Vikings have Adam Thielen back this week, that should only bolster Cousins’ performance.

Defense/Special Teams: Las Vegas Raiders vs. New York Jets (9% rostered on Yahoo!) I’m going to keep this short and sweet – the Raiders defense is nothing to write home about, but they’re facing an abysmal offense in the Jets. So far this year the Jets have allowed eight D/STs to score 7 points. This is one of those “don’t overthink it” scenarios.

Kicker: Tyler Bass vs. San Francisco 49ers (21% rostered on Yahoo!). Tyler Bass has had a monster season as the rookie kick for the Buffalo Bills. He’s been a viable streaming option all season and has another good matchup this week. The Bills have shown that they can score touchdowns, but against a stand-up defense in the 49ers it may give Bass a few extra chances at kicking it through the uprights. Bass has had double-digit fantasy performances 4 out of the last 5 weeks, and he has the path to finish with another top 10 kicker performance this week.

Fingers crossed that week 13 brings you nothing but luck and fantasy wins.

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