For Frequency Sake DFS Week 4: TNF – DraftKings Showdown Captain Breakdown

Week 4: TNF – DraftKings Showdown Captain Breakdown

Week 4: TNF – DraftKings Showdown Captain Breakdown post thumbnail image

A few things if you are new to Draftkings: “Showdown Captain Mode” offers a bit of a twist to your traditional fantasy lineup. Since you legally can’t make a traditional lineup with only a one game slate, this is the best we have for TNF.

You don’t get a QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, etc. setup.

Instead, you get the same $50,000 budget as you would a normal Draftkings lineup, but you get to pick a Team Captain & 5 FLEX players.

Captains cost 1.5X the money but produce 1.5X the points. This is key to winning your matchup and will affect how you build the rest of your lineup.

FLEX players can be any position, including Kickers and Defense/Special Teams.

(You also MUST choose at least one player from each team)


This season the Jets Defense has been terrible in the tackling department, missing 47 tackles in 3 games. Yikes!

The Jets D is also getting SHREDDED in the short/flat areas of the field (10 yards and under).

  • Short left – 30/38 (78.95 percent) for 251 yards
  • Short middle – 14/19 (73.68 percent) for 115 yards
  • Short right – 23/34 (67.65 percent) for 210 yards

(stats courtesy of NFLSavant)

There is a correlation here, obviously, opposing offenses are throwing the ball short and forcing LOTS of missed tackles. Because of this, I’m stacking my lineup with Denver Broncos and I suggest you do the same!

Let’s get started.

Captain Candidates (1.5X points for 1.5X price)

  • Melvin Gordon III ($16,500) – With all of the injuries plaguing both of these teams, Melvin Gordon III could be the best player on the field tonight. I foresee 100+ rushing yards and multiple touchdowns. So far in 2020, Gordon has received 12 targets (10.62 percent target share) and has been able to turn that into 9/34/1 – nothing exciting, but due to the Jets struggles to defend the flats, I think this will be his night. I’m smashing him as my Captain tonight.
  • Noah Fant ($13,000) – Fant might be a good decision as well, due to the Jets’ struggles. Noah had several plays last year where he caught a short drag or out route and ran 50+ yards for a score. He will be in my lineup, but not as my Captain.
  • Jamison Crowder ($12,300) – If you are looking for pure volume out of the slot with the Jets likely trailing (let’s be real here) then this may be a smart play. However, due to his recent injury – he is active – I’m not sure I trust the floor to be as high as it typically would be if he were healthy.
  • KJ Hamler ($7,200)#SleeperValue pick. With Coach Vic Fangio stating that Hamler would have an “increased role” following the ACL injury to Courtland Sutton, he meant it. It didn’t quite hit the way we all wanted it to last week, but Hamler saw seven targets in Week 2, only five in Week 3 against a tough Tampa Defense. I see the Broncos trying to make things easy on the new QB Brett Rypien and bring some screens with them tonight. Hamler should be on the receiving end of a few of those and should take advantage of the Jets’ deficiencies on Defense. I will probably make a second lineup with Hamler as my Captain so that I don’t kick myself – plus, this strategy opens up a ton of salary for your FLEX.

FLEX Options – Best of the Rest (normal pricing – normal points)

  • Jerry Jeudy ($7,800) – Jeudy could have his breakout game tonight. As mentioned above, the Jets struggle to tackle and have given up a ton of yardage in the short passing game. Jeudy is currently ranked 17th in the NFL in Yards After Catch & 6th in rec/broken tackles with 4.3 (for all WR, per PFF) so this is a primetime play for TNF! Probably could be a nice Captain play, as well 😅.
  • Noah Fant ($9,000) – see above.
  • Braxton Berrios ($7,200) – Like I mentioned above, you need to pick at least one player from each team to have a valid lineup. Could be Sam Darnold, could be Chris Herndon. For me? It’s Berrios. Over the last two weeks, Berrios has drawn 12 targets and turned them into 10/123/2. He seems to have found a quick rapport with Darnold, which should continue in a game where HC Adam Gase should allow his QB to get rid of the ball quickly which favors Berrios’ skillset — and/or Crowder’s 😬.
  • KJ Hamler ($4,800) – see above. #SleeperValue Captain pick.
  • Broncos D/ST ($5,600) – I mean Frank Gore and Kallen Ballage. It’s 2020. I’ve said enough.
  • Brandon McManus ($4,600) – If the Broncos are moving the ball as I predict, he could have a busy night.
  • Josh Malone ($200) – Total dart throw. Malone received six targets in Week 2 vs SF and turned it into 4/16. Breshard Perriman is out, and Crowder is coming back from injury so he could draw a few targets. For $200 though, if he were to score a random touchdown AND you stack your lineup properly – you would have a LARGE advantage due to Malone’s inevitably low owned percentage.

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