For Frequency Sake Fantasy Football Get off my lawn Week 2 2020

Get off my lawn Week 2 2020

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True story: My youngest daughter is a manager at the local McDonald’s. One day she was complaining about some “stupid teenagers” that were being obnoxious. I reminded her that she herself is only 18 she had the perfect response.

“They can get off my lawn.”

My work on that one is done. Now to put the fantasy millennials in their place.

The Kansas City fans

We try not to be political here at FFSQC, but booing unity, UNITY FFS, is just gross and wrong. We as a nation are as divided as I have ever seen, but we have always been stronger together. No matter which way you are voting In November, human decency should always be tantamount.

Skip Bayless

While Im being political, this sack of urine is usually annoying to listen to, but this time he moved into down right offensive. He ripped Dak Prescott after the Cowboys’ quarterback talked about his depression about his brother died from suicide just as quarantine hit. Men don’t talk enough about mental health, black men even less so. If we want mental health to be as important as it really is, we have to ignore blowhards who are stuck in the toxic masculinity era. This piece of trash can get off my lawn, out of my neighborhood, and all the way off the solar system.

As someone who has dealt with mental health issues his entire adult life (and maybe before that) getting help and talking about your issues is important. If you are struggling, please seek help.

Ok, back to the snark you came here for.

Chris Berman

Why is this guy still torturing my ear drums? ESPN finally had the good sense to pull his self-important ass off the main feed, but watching Monday Night Football, he’s back screaming g and making inebriated chicken noises at me during halftime. He hasn’t been relevant since Michael and Brendan have been alive. He needs to go.

Big Ten Football

The whole point of having a governing body is make decisions that the governed can’t make for themselves and to protect them from themselves. Wednesday, the Big Ten failed in that responsibility. You had already decided to not play in the fall. Then some loud-mouth idiots bitched and moaned and you gave in like a parent who let’s their kid run all over them. You said the money that you were losing was more important than the lives you are supposed to be protecting. I also question the judgement of the parents that pushed for this. As a parent, I would have a hard time sending my kids to an institution that valued money over the well being of drunk-ass, horny kids who for the most part don’t have the good sense to take precautions. Everyone involved in this fiasco should be ashamed of themselves.

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