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Shorty got Lowe, Lowe, Lowe

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If you are already out of contention this season in a fantasy baseball dynasty league, it’s time to start looking for an addition that will make you look savvy a year from now.
The Tampa Bay Rays’ Nate Lowe is a long-term addition who should be available on the waiver wire and by trade in many leagues that could be a huge find come next season.
Lowe should have been one of the biggest names in the minor leagues last year.
However, he was overshadowed by a historic group that included Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Fernando Tatis Jr. and Eloy Jimenez.
After the graduation of those three franchise-changing players, Lowe was considered by several scouting services as one of the most complete hitters in the minor leagues.
Baseball America and RosterResource loved Lowe’s ability and believed he was a more complete hitter than the 2019 rookie of the year Yordan Alvarez to start the season.
So, what happened to this guy?
Not to make excuses for him, but Tampa Bay hasn’t done him any favors.
He’s been shuttled back and forth between the majors and minors over the last two seasons, and when he’s been in the majors they have played him really inconsistently.
During his 50 games in the majors, he hit .263 he slugged .454 with seven home runs and a weighted run created, plus just above water of 107.
In his first taste of MLB action, he wasn’t bad, but the expectation for him is so much higher.
He was shipped back to AAA, where Lowe played 93 games batting .289 slugging .508 with 16 home runs with a weighted run created plus of 141.
Tampa Bay seemed content to play the solid Ji-Man Choi (WRC+ 121 in 2019) at first.
Also, if you have seen Choi this year, his waistline seems to be getting more solid by the day.
Pablo Sandoval approves.
Lowe lost out on the DH spot to Yandy Dia’s strong showing in 2019 (WRC+ 116).
With Lowe being sent down last year and being sent to the alternate site to start 2020, Lowe has mostly become forgotten.
The Rays also make it difficult to remember him too, with Tampa Bay’s wild minor league log jam of guys with similar names with Nate Lowe 1B, Josh Lowe OF and Brandon Lowe 2B-OF.
With Diaz (currently strained hamstring and on the IL) starting to show signs of being injury-prone, and Choi struggling this season (WRC+ 96), Lowe has found a spot in the lineup.
He’s been average so far, but last night he showed that his adjustments might be paying off.
Since his call up about a week ago, he has struggled.
He was below .200 with no home runs and showing no reason for the Rays to believe in him.
Last night, he finished 3-for-4 with two home runs providing hope that the player everyone saw in the minors still exists.
If the injuries to Diaz and the drop off from Choi continues, there’s every reason to believe Lowe can flourish with consistent playing time.

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