For Frequency Sake Fantasy Football What should be the new name for the Washington football team?

What should be the new name for the Washington football team?

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by Michael Sicoli

After decades of protests from the community, it finally sounds like the Washington Redskins will change their name to something less offensive. Team owner Dan Snyder announced that they will conduct a formal review of the name after FedEx, who sponsors their home stadium, and Nike both called out the NFL franchise. We haven’t seen a team change their name since the Tennessee Oilers became the Titans in 1999. With that in mind, why not take this opportunity to come up with some fun ideas? 

  • Washington Warriors

It’s not my favorite, but this was a name that many Twitter users seemed to enjoy. While it wouldn’t be the first high-profile “Warriors” team, it would be an easy transition to brand and transform before the season. It flows nicely off the tongue and is a safe name to use. It might not be the flashiest name change, but it seems like a low risk change that Snyder might be embracing right now.

  • Washington Coyotes

While the franchise changes with the time, so did the coyotes who only started to patrol the D.C. area over the past decade. Sure, the Arizona Coyotes exist but they aren’t as high-profile a team as Washington. Coyotes are a terrifying animal one wouldn’t want to be caught one-on-one with — like Terry McLaurin against an unsuspecting cornerback. There could be some awesome logo designs and some fun broadcasting moments as different announcers pronounce the word differently. Howling in the back of the end zone can be a signature team celebration. There’s a lot to like, and fear, about the Coyotes. I would take no issue with the Washington Wolves either, as these D.C. coyotes are a hybrid. 

  • Washington Wranglers

I know this one might cause some confusion, but it’s a personal favorite of mine. I’m not talking about some Jeep Wrangler; I’m talking about an animal wrangler. Someone who can actually take down an animal one-on-one and subdue it, and in a league where so many are named after animals, this could be an interesting switch up. Embracing the logo of someone who was born to control the Broncos or the Bengals. As previously mentioned, it likely wouldn’t happen due to the aforementioned Jeep Wrangler’s popularity or the presence of Wrangler jeans, but it’s a fun dynamic to play around with in a league with so many animal names. 

  • Washington Federals/Generals

These were two more Twitter names that were being floated around, and while they fit D.C.’s nationalistic theme, they blend together for me. The Washington Federals were a real team in The United States Football League back in 1983 until the end of the 1984 season. It fits the government theme of Washington, yet I can’t seem to get behind it. It just seems… boring. The Generals, on the other hand, has a tinge of excitement to it. It’s a commanding title that fans and players alike would enjoy the strength behind the word. But the Washington Generals are a real team today, playing exhibition games against the beloved Harlem Globetrotters. As someone who doesn’t follow these teams much, I like the Washington Generals as a name, but marketing could go awry if someone took issue. It’s not every day you steal the name of a team taking residence within your own walls, but maybe Snyder would enjoy that thrill. 

  • Washington Red Tails

I think this could be perfect. It would be a seamless transition from the old logo and could still work well with the jersey design currently in place. Washington is home to the red-tailed fox, which is actually more orange than red. It fits with the region aesthetic while offering a perfect rebrand image. There could be the stereotypical costumed mascot patrolling the stadium for fans, new helmet designs while retaining the feel of the old design with the colors. It checks every box on the list — locally relevant, safe, marketable and fun. This would be the pick for me.

  • Editors Note: It isn’t going to happen, but as a avid fan of the cult classic “The Replacements”, I would like to see the Washington Sentinels. – DJ Jarvis

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